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@ocdtrekkie ocdtrekkie released this Apr 10, 2021

v1.1 (2021-04-10)

  • Upgraded vagrant-spk to Python 3.x. (Thanks @troyjfarrell)
  • Upgraded base image to Debian Buster.
  • Displays URL of test URL in the CLI. (Thanks @zdb999)
  • Blocks client-side third party content by default.
  • Fix edge case in packing spk to a different volume. (Thanks @zenhack)
  • Various stack upgrades and improvements. (Thanks @zenhack)
  • Cleaned up release process significantly. (Thanks @paulproteus and @zenhack)
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@ocdtrekkie ocdtrekkie released this Feb 17, 2020

v1.0 (2020-02-16)

  • Changed vagrant-spk's preferred port to 6090 to avoid conflicting with Sandstorm.
  • Added upgradevm command to upgrade to latest compatible VM.
  • Updated Node stack to Node 10, and fixed legacy Node 6 stack. (Thanks @curbengh)
  • Fixed detection of VM configurations that do not work with vagrant-spk.
  • Fixed bugs preventing enter-grain from working. (Thanks @abliss and @zenhack)
  • Fixed bug causing VM to allocate too little RAM on Windows.
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@kentonv kentonv released this Jul 9, 2018

v0.236 (2018-07-08)

  • Updated multiple stacks for compatibility with Debian stretch.
  • Added listkeys command to show which app keys are in your keyring.
  • Added ability to check vagrant-spk version with --version.
  • Fix bug where curl cannot be downloaded.
  • Fix bug caused by Vagrant version 2.0.3 and later.
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@kentonv kentonv released this Mar 17, 2018

v0.230 (2018-03-17)

  • Now using Debian Contrib base image rather than a custom image.
  • Fixed various bitrot.
  • Other fixes, see git history.
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@paulproteus paulproteus released this Sep 21, 2016

v0.186 (2016-09-21)

  • BUG FIX:
    • All stacks embedding MySQL now use /var/tmp for temporary storage. Thanks
      @FiloSottile for reporting a Piwik issue that enabled us to notice this problem
      and fix it for all future packages. Note that newly-created apps in these platform
      stacks (lemp, uwsgi) will clear the /var/tmp directory every time the grain
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@paulproteus paulproteus released this Jun 8, 2016

v0.165 (2016-06-07)

    • vagrant-spk enter-grain was basically 100% broken in v0.164, with some extra breakage on
      Windows. This release fixes that. Huge thanks to @ocdtrekkie for testing, to find the
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@paulproteus paulproteus released this May 27, 2016

v0.164 (2016-05-27)

  • New features:
    • Add "vagrant-spk enter-grain" so developers can get a shell within a running grain.
      Thanks @zarvox for extensive review.
    • Update example to refer to vm where necessary. Thanks @pgrm.
    • Update libvirt README to refer to vm where necessary. Thanks @techtonik.
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@paulproteus paulproteus released this May 2, 2016

v0.161 (2016-05-02)

  • BUG FIX:
    • Fix typo in deprecation warning when running: vagrant-spk global-status. Thanks to @astraw for the pull request.
  • Usability refinement:
    • Going forward, pipe curl output through cat so that it is
      more aggressively buffered and Vagrant shows it on one line.
      See: #158 . Thanks to @ndarilek for the report.

v0.159 (2016-04-22)

  • BUG FIX:
    • "vagrant-spk setupvm" would reliably crash on Windows 10, and
      perhaps other Windows systems. Bug reported by hexx on IRC;
      fixed by Drew Fisher. Thanks to hexx for the report.
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@paulproteus paulproteus released this Mar 29, 2016

v0.155 (2016-03-28)

  • Two big user-facing changes:
  • Docs improvements: Add a libvirt README to GitHub.
  • Usability refinements:
    • Network performance: Use PCNet-Fast III by default for virtual machines.
    • Error handling: exit(1) when specifying no stack to setupvm.
    • Interactive docs: 'vagrant-spk setupvm' now prints a list of known stacks.
    • Error handling: Stop crashing when user forgets filename for 'vagrant-spk publish'.
    • Default '' tells users they might need to re-run 'provision'.
    • Default apt configuration will retry on failure.
    • Provide a .sandstorm/.gitignore to avoid users committing useless cruft.
    • Support 'vagrant-spk keygen -- -q' for use by scripts.
    • Vagrantfile: Stop mounting '/vagrant' - this is a duplicate of /opt/app.
    • Python stack: install git by default, since pip/requirements.txt might need it.
    • Add PHP & sqlite stack, to minimize bloat for PHP apps that don't need MySQL.
    • Use 'rm -f' and 'ln -sf' for idempotence.
    • Set 'gzip off;' by default, to work around a Sandstorm bug that results
      in meaningless gobbledy-gook on error pages.
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@paulproteus paulproteus released this Jan 14, 2016

v0.139 (2016-01-13)

  • New features:
    • Add nodejs stack by @mnutt.
    • Add vagrant-spk verify command by @zarvox.
    • In PHP configuration file, use semicolon as comment marker, not hash sign.
      If you run into PHP errors related to this problem, you may need to
      re-generate your .sandstorm/*.sh scripts, and destroy & recreate your
      Vagrant box. Thanks to @ndarilek for finding.
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