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  1. UserManagement UserManagement Public

    User Management Package for Neos and Flow

    PHP 37 28

  2. sku sku Public

    Sandstorm Kubernetes Client - Convenience tools to interact with Kubernetes

    Go 29 1

  3. NeosAcl NeosAcl Public

    JavaScript 14 8

  4. LightweightElasticsearch LightweightElasticsearch Public

    This is a lightweight elasticsearch integration for Neos CMS, exposing the Elasticsearch API directly whereever possible.

    PHP 12 5

  5. drydock drydock Public

    Docker Debugging Tools: docker exec, but with root shell; docker vscode; PHP SPX & Xdebug

    Go 13

  6. dev-script-runner dev-script-runner Public

    Write and document recurring development tasks inside a shell script and run them from anywhere inside your projects folder structure.

    Go 5


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