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Where Cake meets Web 2.0 | CakePHP mockup application and CMS (in June 2011, I moved to PHP 5.3, so this project is not supported by me any more).
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At a first look, it seem just another Cake powered CMS, but it's a lot more. In fact, the CMS functionality is achieved by a core extension, which can be easily disabled if not needed.

This project is ment to be used as a skeleton application that can be easily extended to fit needs of Web 2.0 applications.

Examples of applications StarLight is well fitted for: custom websites, (micro)publishing systems, facebook apps, google apps, productivity and intranet, mockups and prototype applications or any other Web 2.0 projects.

Organized in the form of a cake application (/app), it can be extended using specialy crafted cake plugins (/app/extensions).

Sl core features

  • Written in PHP5, using cake convetions and with lots of phpdoc comments;
  • Auto installer and database schema, both present;
  • Optimized cookie and session handling (no DB support for now) accessible during bootstrap;
  • Extended configuration class with runtime persistence, inheritance, context-awareness and i10n support;
  • Themes, plugins, autoloaded configurations and hooks - all supported;
  • Pheme - a simple template engine with support for runtime local/global skinning and i10n;
  • With jQuery out-of-box (JS forms validation is just one of the features);
  • Automagic content delivery network (CDN) support (both StarLight and 3rd party) for JS libraries;
  • 100% compatible with native cake plugins (any 3rd party plugin should work and can be easily converted to an extension, see DebugKit as an example).

Core extensions

  • Api - Bridge to 3rd party web services (Facebook, GMail through SwiftMailer, hqSms, a.o.)
  • Auth - Security stuff, ACL and user accounts management;
  • Cms - Basic content management: articles organized in a tree fashion (nodes), tags (that can be grouped), images, uploads, contact forms, navigation and blocks;
  • DebugKit - 3rd party debugging plugin (automagically activates and detects the presence of Interactive plugin).

If you decide to use Sl, a standard aproach would be:

  1. Download or clone Sl's github repo
  2. Rename /app/config/site.sample.php to /app/config/site.php and set your evironment settings
  3. Download any needed 3rd party extensions and remove/rename unneeded ones (see /app/extensions)
  4. Make sure you have write permissions for the following folders (recursive):
    • /app/tmp
    • /app/webroot/files
  5. Point your browser to the URL pointing to your newly deployed Sl to start the one-time setup process

If developing your own extensions, make sure you set debug setting to 1 or 2 in /app/config/core.php. The DebugKit extension, Interactive plugin and te Sl::krumo() method, all are here to address your debugging needs.


*[Sl]: StarLight


CakePHP is a rapid development framework for PHP which uses commonly known design patterns like Active Record, Association Data Mapping, Front Controller and MVC. Our primary goal is to provide a structured framework that enables PHP users at all levels to rapidly develop robust web applications, without any loss to flexibility.

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