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To Do Tasks

A simple and handy extension for Visual Studio Code to organize your to-do tasks.

Install in TWO steps

  • In VSCode press F1 or Cmd+Shift+p (Ctrl+Shift+p on Windows and Linux) to open command pallette
  • Type "Install Extensions" then enter and search for todotasks extension to install.

How to use

Create a new file and save with todo or tasks file extension.

NOTE: Commands listed below are triggerred only on files with above extensions.


* Anything with colon at the end of the line is a project title
* You can nest projects inside each other
* You can fold projects and sub projects


New Task:
    * Press Cmd+Enter (Ctrl+Enter on Windows and Linux) to add a new task
    * You can also use the Command pallette to create a new task by typing To Do:New Task
    * If you are on a new line, it will create a new task on the current line
    * If you are on a line with some text pressing new task shortcut will convert it to a task
    * New tasks are nested as much as the previous task

More Actions:
    * Complete a task by pressing Alt+d @done
    * Re-open a completed task by pressing Alt+d
    * Cancel a task by pressing Alt+c @cancelled
    * Complete a cancelled task by pressing Alt+d
    * You can also use the Command pallette to complete or cancel a task by typing 
      To Do:Complete Task or To Do:Cancel Task 

    * You can add tags using @ sign, like this @tag
    * You can use following pre-existing tags to mark tasks @critical @high @low @today 
    * Auto intellisense is provided to help you in finding tags

More to come... Check Tasks




A VS Code extension for todo tasks




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