Sails JS hook to enable future Javascript today, using babel (
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Needs at least Sails version 0.11.0 to work

Sails JS hook to activate ES6/7 Javascript code for your whole sails app, via


npm install sails-hook-babel


Just lift your app as normal, and enjoy the future of Javascript today. To see what is possible, see:


By default, configuration lives in sails.config.babel. The configuration key (babel) can be changed by setting sails.config.hooks['sails-hook-babel'].configKey.

Parameter Type Details
compile ((boolean)) Whether or not sails should compile future JS code. Defaults to true.
polyfill ((boolean)) Whether or not use babel-polyfill. Defaults to false.
presets ((array)) Which presets to transpile your code with. Defaults to es2015.

Also you can use other Babel 6 options.

That’s it!