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## SANE Stack [![Bountysource][bounty-badge]][bounty-badge-url] [![Gitter][gitter-badge]][gitter-badge-url]

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NOTE: This project, while exciting, is still an early prototype. While being mostly stable it is still being iterated with feature changes and improvements fairly regularly.

Sane - A Javascript fullstack and cli that uses two of the best frameworks, Sails and Ember, so you can rapidly create production-ready web applications. It takes away all the hassle setting up the full backend and frontend environment, embracing convention-over-configuration all the way, so you can focus just on shipping your app. Additionally this cli also supports Docker, using Docker Compose, to automatically install dependencies such as your database and will make deployment easier.


  • npm install -g sails sane-cli
  • sane new project creates a local project with sails-disk. To install with Docker and production databases see Options.
  • sane generate resource user name:string age:number to generate a new API on the backend and models on the frontend
  • sane up to start the sails server on localhost:1337 as well as the ember dev server on localhost:4200.
  • To work on your frontend-app you work as you would normally do with ember-cli on localhost:4200.
  • You are now good to go.

Note: If you use Docker, make sure you have Docker Compose installed.

On Mac or Windows Docker Toolbox is required. This will install all of the necessary Docker tooling, including VirtualBox.

For Linux see:


The full documentation is available at:


sane-cli is developed with ES6/7 functionality, using traceur to provide a cleaner code as well as a nice experience for us the developers. To get started:

  • git clone
  • cd sane && npm install to install the dependencies
  • npm link to make sure you can test the master version globally
  • If you add a new feature an according test would be appreciated
  • npm test to run the test-suite


Thanks to mphasize for creating sails-generate-ember-blueprints which overwrites the default SailsJS JSON response to the one that Ember Data's RESTAdapter and RESTSerializer expects. Thanks to sails for that great backend framework Thanks to ember-cli contributors for all the great effort that has gone into this product and from which I have taken a lot of inspiration and code, especially in regards to testing.


SANE Stack is MIT Licensed.

Built by

Built with love by Artificial Labs and contributors <3