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SANE Stack Changelog


  • [BUGFIX] No longer requires global ember-cli


  • [FEATURE] Added an sane install command that allows to install addons such as sane install sane-auth. More details on how to write addons comming soon! In the mean-time check out
  • [BREAKING BUGFIX] Only supports ember-cli 0.2.3 and above for the addon system
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Switched to enpeem module
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Switch to babeljs for better debugging statements.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed installTest
  • [BUGFIX] Added logic to ensure case of resources generated through sane generate
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added eslint through mocha-eslint
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed docker root issue for linux
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added stack trace to errors in sane new
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Use master version of sails-hook-dev since 1.0.0 runs into issues on Linux
  • [BUGFIX] Enabled SANE to run without requiring a global ember-cli installation.


  • [ENHANCEMENT] Switched from traceur to babeljs for better error messages
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added diffing support to file generator
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed error with npmInstall


  • [FEATURE] Added autoreload of sails server using sails-hook-autoreload hook
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added sails-hook-dev and removed morgan request logging.
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Bumped lodash to latest 3.x version because of latest blueprints.
  • [BUGFIX] Improved sane new command in certain edge cases
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed a sails response bug that view is missing.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed errors in sane new --skip-npm.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed tests on Windows and AppVeyor.
  • [BUGFIX] Full Windows support.
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Changed to using expect instead of assert from chai module to match ember-cli commit 2435679.
  • [FEATURE] Added sane install command that installs any sane addons published on npm with a 'sane-addon' keyword. These addons can add custom generators that are automatically tun by the install command.


  • [BUGFIX] Fixed ember-cli version check on sane new.


  • [BUGFIX] Reverted a planned windows change which fixed sane up on Mac/Linus


  • [BUGFIX] Fixed cleanupSails() procedure when creating a new project.
  • [BUGFIX] Installing sane-cli now locally on new project creation.


  • [BUGFIX] Forgot a change to superspawn to fix the windows issues.


  • [BUGFIX] Changed to superspawn to fix issues on windows


  • [FEATURE] Added support for local sane-cli (so you can have a fixed sane-cli per project)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Improved boot2docker running check
  • [BUGFIX] explicit sane up --docker=false now working
  • [ENHANCEMENT] No analytics for tests anymore by adding undocumented --skip-analytics flag
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed installation for certain Unix platforms
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed installation for Windows: Traceur was not loading modules properly.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed sails assets path for usage without grunt
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Creating a new project now cleans up Sails to be API only (still including assets folder for easy deployment)


  • [ENHANCEMENT] Update leek version which improves start-up time for commands that don't use tracking.
  • [FEATURE] Added redis support.
  • [FEATURE] Added --skip-sails and --skip-ember flags to the up` command, if you want to only start the backend or frontend server.


  • [BUGFIX] Fixed bug with sane new not working without --docker
  • [BUGFIX] Possibly fixing the EHOSTUNREACH issue.


  • [BUGFIX] Fixed some bug with sails-disk
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed a bug with sane up, using local install as well as recognizing a changed client folder
  • [BUGFIX] Showing the right sails version when running sane new with docker


  • [FEATURE] Added hook to sails app so each http request gets logged
  • [FEATURE] Added sane new --skip-npm --skip-bower flags to skip npm and bower installation.
  • [FEATURE] You can now rename your client/server folders, by renaming them and then adding the new name to your .sane-cli apps. See Docs for details
  • [FEATURE] Added --verbose flag for sane up, which displays additional boot2docker output, only on windows & mac
  • [BREAKING ENHANCEMENT] On windows and mac your sails-container-server gets automatically forwarded to localhost. Right now only supports the fixed 1337 porty. Removed the --port-forward/-p flag.
  • [ENHANCEMENT] pod option is now supported in your .sane-cli
  • [BUGFIX] Changed tracking code to an GA App
  • [BREAKING BUGFIX] For consistency the short version of the --docker flag is now -D for all commands


  • [ENHANCEMENT] Updated fs-extra to 0.13.0
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Switched again to traceur so no compilation step is needed.
  • [FEATURE] Added new feature behind sane up -p flag, to forward docker IP to localhost (using boot2docker).


  • [BUGFIX] Fixed sane generate resource command.


  • [BUGFIX] Fixed & improved database setup and config
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Switched to traceur for easier development and fewer dependencies
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Disabled grunt hook for sails per default which should reduce CPU usage
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added package.json to root folder, preparing for having a local sane-cli in the future
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added .editorconfig for better development consistency
  • [FEATURE] Added --live-reload option to sane up to proxy through to ember-cli
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added anonymous google analytics tracking for sane-cli usage that can be disabled in the .sane-cli via the disableAnalytics option


  • [BUGFIX] fixed missing comma in connections.js


  • [ENHANCEMENT] Updated es6-shim to 0.21.0
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed setup of blueprints for ember-data, as well as the right database adapter. Would recommend to setup the project new, or run the following commands in the server folder: npm i sails-generate-ember-blueprints --save, npm i lodash --save, npm i pluralize --save, sails generate ember-blueprints and depending on your database: npm i --save sails-mongo


  • [ENHANCEMENT] Made installation of Docker optional to get quick dev setup running.
  • [FEATURE] Added basic sane up command. To start with docker add --docker flag
  • [FEAURE] Added possibility to add a .sane-cli in your project root and/or home directory so you don't have to specifiy cli options such as --docker with each command
  • [FEAURE] Added sane generate resource name attribue:type command, to add models on the frontend as well as the backend
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Now showing proper docker ip on sane up --docker
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Now showing better log output when setting up new project.
  • [BUGFIX] Does not create git repo within client folder anymore


  • [ENHANCEMENT] Updated commander.js to 2.5.0
  • [FEATURE] added --verbose flag to sane new command to display more output for debugging purposes
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed an issue that the setup would never complete if no db (or disk) was given


  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added pleasent-progress for better output of setup progress #11


  • [ENHANCEMENT] Changed to new, smaller and tagged docker container.
  • [FEATURE] You can now specify latest or stable node versions in the fig.yml, as well as a fixed 0.10.32


  • [FEATURE] added a basic CLI that can set up a Sails Container with Fig and a separate ember project, linking them together.