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Extensible and customizable editing widget for FLTK
C C++ Scheme
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Added 'define-derived-mode' a construct that allows deriving existing…

… mode with new constructs. This is useful for e.g. C and C++ modes.

New faces naming, similar to Emacs naming. With this, there will be known list of predefined face names, but user can always add own set.
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Extensible and customizable editing widget for FLTK UI library.



Fl_Highlight_Editor is a drop in replacement for Fl_Text_Editor and Fl_Text_Display widgets with ability to highlight the text and modify it with embedded Scheme scripting language.

The widget is fully self-contained and it doesn't depend on anything except FLTK library, making it suitable for embedding inside existing project.

Fl_Highlight_Editor design is inspired with Emacs editor and you will find many used terms and functions names similar with it. However, this widget is not Emacs nor complete editor, but component to build editors and advanced text handling widgets.

Usage details and how to extend it are described in Manual.


Make sure you have installed FLTK stable version (1.3.x), C++ compiler and GNU make. Running:


will compile the code. To see it in action, run examples in test folder, e.g.:


will display content of and highlight it with markdown-mode.

If you would like to embed core Scheme files inside binary, keeping highlight code separate, you can run:



LGPL with exception (the same license as FLTK).

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