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declutter - Read html content without clutter from your Emacs

declutter is a small Emacs addon that will help you with reading online content. It will remove all distractions and present you with readable html, straight inside your Emacs.

declutter is also able to read articles behind paywall - Finacial Times, WSJ and so on.


declutter depends on json.el and shr.el. shr.el is part of Emacs since 24.4 version.

To install declutter, just copy declutter.el to $HOME/.emacs.d folder or any other location listed in Emacs load-path variable.

In your Emacs init file, put:

(require 'declutter)

Then, in Emacs:

M-x declutter [RET]

and enter url you'd like to visit.


By default, declutter will open *html* buffer and render cleaned content in it. Actually, this is done by shr.el so all default shortcuts for it works here as well.

declutter adds another useful function - declutter-under-point. When you read through the article and you'd like to open url, you place cursor over link and you have two options:

  • You can use shr-browse-url (v key) which will open article as is
  • Or you can use declutter-under-point to load that url and render cleaned content in *html* buffer.


declutter is using to render the content and sometimes can fail with internal error (received from In that case, try url multiple times.

Also regardingy privacy, be aware that can see what you browse. I'm not affiliated with in any way.

Bug reports & patches

Feel free to report any issues you find or you have suggestions for improvements.