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1 parent e648dfb commit 2b83d7128758d918a1f5650c7d265d252e52c467 @sanemat committed Feb 7, 2012
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@@ -1,246 +1,121 @@
# /Users/sane/dotfiles/sanemat.gems generated gem export file. Note that any env variable settings will be missing. Append these after using a ';' field separator
abstract -v1.0.0
actionmailer -v3.2.1
-actionmailer -v3.1.3
-actionmailer -v3.0.9
actionmailer -v2.3.11
actionpack -v3.2.1
-actionpack -v3.1.3
-actionpack -v3.0.9
actionpack -v2.3.11
activemodel -v3.2.1
-activemodel -v3.1.3
-activemodel -v3.0.9
activerecord -v3.2.1
-activerecord -v3.1.3
-activerecord -v3.0.9
activerecord -v2.3.11
activeresource -v3.2.1
-activeresource -v3.1.3
-activeresource -v3.0.9
activeresource -v2.3.11
activesupport -v3.2.1
-activesupport -v3.1.3
-activesupport -v3.1.0
-activesupport -v3.0.9
activesupport -v2.3.11
-activesupport -v2.3.10
addressable -v2.2.6
alias -v0.2.2
arel -v3.0.0
arel -v2.2.1
-arel -v2.1.3
-arel -v2.0.10
autotest_screen -v4.0.3
-autotest_screen -v4.0.2
boson -v0.3.4
-boson -v0.3.3
bson -v1.5.2
-bson -v1.3.1
-bson -v1.0.9
builder -v3.0.0
-builder -v2.1.2
bundler -v1.0.21
-bundler -v1.0.15
capistrano -v2.9.0
-capistrano -v2.6.0
capistrano-ext -v1.2.1
capybara -v1.1.2
-capybara -v1.0.0
-capybara -v0.4.1.2
celerity -v0.9.2
-celerity -v0.9.1
-celerity -v0.8.9
cgi_multipart_eof_fix -v2.5.0
childprocess -v0.3.1
-childprocess -v0.2.7
-childprocess -v0.2.2
-childprocess -v0.1.9
chunky_png -v1.2.5
-chunky_png -v1.2.0
cocaine -v0.2.1
-cocaine -v0.1.0
coffee-script -v2.2.0
coffee-script-source -v1.2.0
-coffee-script-source -v1.1.2
-coffee-script-source -v1.1.1
color -v1.4.1
compass -v0.11.7
-compass -v0.11.5
-compass -v0.11.2
configuration -v1.3.1
cookiejar -v0.3.0 -v1.1.0 -v1.0.0
crack -v0.3.1
-crack -v0.1.8
cucumber -v1.1.4
-cucumber -v1.0.1
culerity -v0.2.15
curb -v0.8.0
-curb -v0.7.16
-curb -v0.7.15
-curb -v0.7.9
daemons -v1.1.8
-daemons -v1.1.5
-daemons -v1.1.4
diff-lcs -v1.1.3
-diff-lcs -v1.1.2
durran-validatable -v2.0.1
em-http-request -v1.0.1
-em-http-request -v0.3.0
em-socksify -v0.1.0
em-websocket -v0.3.6
-em-websocket -v0.3.1
-em-websocket -v0.3.0
erubis -v2.7.0
-erubis -v2.6.6
escape_utils -v0.2.4
-escape_utils -v0.2.3
eventmachine -v1.0.0.beta.4
-eventmachine -v0.12.10
execjs -v1.3.0
-execjs -v1.2.13
-execjs -v1.2.9
-execjs -v1.2.0
factory_girl -v2.5.1
-factory_girl -v2.3.2
-factory_girl -v1.3.3
faraday -v0.7.6
-faraday -v0.7.5
-faraday -v0.7.4
-faraday -v0.6.1
faraday_middleware -v0.8.4
-faraday_middleware -v0.7.0
-faraday_middleware -v0.6.5
fastercsv -v1.5.4
fastthread -v1.0.7
ffi -v1.0.11
-ffi -v1.0.9
fluent -v0.9.16
foreman -v0.39.0
-foreman -v0.31.0
-foreman -v0.19.0
fssm -v0.2.8.1
-fssm -v0.2.7
gem_plugin -v0.2.3
gemcutter -v0.7.1
-gemcutter -v0.7.0
gherkin -v2.7.6
-gherkin -v2.7.2
-gherkin -v2.4.5
gisty -v0.0.22
git -v1.2.5
guard -v1.0.0
-guard -v0.10.0
-guard -v0.6.3
-guard -v0.5.1
-guard -v0.5.0
guard-livereload -v0.4.0
-guard-livereload -v0.3.1
-guard-livereload -v0.2.0
haml -v3.1.4
-haml -v3.1.3
-haml -v3.1.2
heroku -v2.19.2
-heroku -v2.18.0
-heroku -v2.3.6
highline -v1.6.11
-highline -v1.6.9
-highline -v1.6.2
hike -v1.2.1
-hike -v1.1.0
hirb -v0.6.0
-hirb -v0.4.5
hoe -v2.13.1
-hoe -v2.12.5
-hoe -v2.10.0
http_parser.rb -v0.5.3
http_router -v0.10.2
-http_router -v0.8.11
-http_router -v0.7.10
httparty -v0.8.1
-httparty -v0.7.8
i18n -v0.6.0
-i18n -v0.5.0
iobuffer -v1.0.0
jasmine -v1.1.2
-jasmine -v1.0.2.1
jasmine-core -v1.1.0
jeweler -v1.8.3
-jeweler -v1.6.4
-journey -v1.0.1
json -v1.6.5
-json -v1.6.4
-json -v1.5.3
json_pure -v1.6.5
-json_pure -v1.6.4
-json_pure -v1.5.3
jstdutil -v0.3.12
-jstdutil -v0.3.10
-jstdutil -v0.3.9
launchy -v2.0.5
-launchy -v0.4.0
machinist -v2.0
-machinist -v1.0.6
magic_options -v1.0.1
mail -v2.4.1
-mail -v2.3.0
-mail -v2.2.19
maruku -v0.6.0
mash -v0.1.1
middleman -v2.0.14
-middleman -v2.0.13.1
-middleman -v2.0.9
-middleman -v1.2.8
middleman-livereload -v0.2.1
-middleman-livereload -v0.2.0
mime-types -v1.17.2
-mime-types -v1.16
mini_magick -v3.4
-mini_magick -v3.3
mongo -v1.5.2
-mongo -v1.3.1
mongoid -v2.4.3
-mongoid -v2.4.0
-mongoid -v2.0.2
monk-glue -v0.0.1
msgpack -v0.4.6
multi_json -v1.0.4
-multi_json -v1.0.3
multi_xml -v0.4.1
multipart-post -v1.1.4
-multipart-post -v1.1.2
mysql2 -v0.3.11
-mysql2 -v0.3.6
net-scp -v1.0.4
net-sftp -v2.0.5
net-ssh -v2.3.0
-net-ssh -v2.2.2
-net-ssh -v2.1.4
net-ssh-gateway -v1.1.0
newrelic_rpm -v3.3.1
-newrelic_rpm -v3.1.0
nokogiri -v1.5.0
nokogiri -v1.4.4
notify -v0.3.0
oauth -v0.4.5
ohac-ditz -v0.5.2
padrino-core -v0.10.5
-padrino-core -v0.10.2
-padrino-core -v0.10.0
-padrino-core -v0.9.29
padrino-helpers -v0.10.5
-padrino-helpers -v0.10.2
-padrino-helpers -v0.10.0
-padrino-helpers -v0.9.29
paperclip -v2.5.2
-paperclip -v2.4.5
-paperclip -v2.3.15
pdf-writer -v1.1.8
pit -v0.0.6
polyglot -v0.3.3
-polyglot -v0.3.1
rack -v1.4.1
rack -v1.4.0
rack -v1.3.6
@@ -253,124 +128,60 @@ rack-cache -v1.1
rack-client -v0.4.0
rack-contrib -v1.1.0
rack-mount -v0.8.3
-rack-mount -v0.8.1
-rack-mount -v0.6.14
rack-protection -v1.2.0
rack-ssl -v1.3.2
rack-test -v0.6.1
-rack-test -v0.6.0
-rack-test -v0.5.7
rails -v3.2.1
-rails -v3.1.3
-rails -v3.0.9
rails -v2.3.11
railties -v3.2.1
-railties -v3.1.3
-railties -v3.0.9
rake -v0.9.2.2
-rake -v0.9.2
-rake -v0.8.7
rdiscount -v1.6.8
rdoc -v3.12
-rdoc -v3.8
rest-client -v1.6.7
-rest-client -v1.6.3
rr -v1.0.4
-rr -v1.0.2
rspec -v2.8.0
-rspec -v2.6.0
rspec-core -v2.8.0
-rspec-core -v2.7.1
-rspec-core -v2.6.4
rspec-expectations -v2.8.0
-rspec-expectations -v2.7.0
-rspec-expectations -v2.6.0
rspec-mocks -v2.8.0
-rspec-mocks -v2.7.0
-rspec-mocks -v2.6.0
rspec-rails -v2.8.1
-rspec-rails -v2.6.1
rubygems-update -v1.8.15
-rubygems-update -v1.8.5
-rubygems-update -v1.7.2
-rubygems-update -v1.5.2
rubytter -v1.4.2
rubyzip -v0.9.5
-rubyzip -v0.9.4
ruport -v1.6.3
sass -v3.1.14
-sass -v3.1.12
-sass -v3.1.7
-sass -v3.1.4
screenout -v0.0.0
selenium-webdriver -v2.18.0
-selenium-webdriver -v2.16.0
-selenium-webdriver -v2.0.1
-selenium-webdriver -v0.2.2
shotgun -v0.9
-shotgun -v0.8
shoulda -v2.11.3
simple_oauth -v0.1.5
sinatra -v1.3.2
-sinatra -v1.2.6
sinatra -v0.9.4
slim -v1.1.0
-slim -v1.0.4
-slim -v1.0.2
-slim -v0.9.4
sprockets -v2.3.0
-sprockets -v2.1.2
-sprockets -v2.0.3
-sprockets -v2.0.0
-sprockets -v2.0.0.beta.10
sqlite3 -v1.3.5
-sqlite3 -v1.3.3
-sqlite3-ruby -v1.3.3
steak -v2.0.0
-steak -v1.1.0
subexec -v0.2.1
-subexec -v0.1.0
syntax -v1.0.0
temple -v0.3.5
-temple -v0.3.4
-temple -v0.3.2
term-ansicolor -v1.0.7
-term-ansicolor -v1.0.5
termcolor -v1.2.1
termtter -v1.10.1
-termtter -v1.9.0
test-unit -v2.4.5
-test-unit -v2.4.4
-test-unit -v2.3.0
thin -v1.3.1
-thin -v1.2.11
thor -v0.14.6
tilt -v1.3.3
-tilt -v1.3.2
transaction-simple -v1.4.0
treetop -v1.4.10
-treetop -v1.4.9
trollop -v1.16.2
tumblr-rb -v1.3.0
typhoeus -v0.3.3
-typhoeus -v0.2.4
tzinfo -v0.3.31
-tzinfo -v0.3.29
uglifier -v1.2.3
-uglifier -v1.2.1
-uglifier -v1.0.4
-uglifier -v1.0.3
-uglifier -v1.0.0
-uglifier -v0.5.4
url_mount -v0.2.1
watchr -v0.7
weary -v0.7.2
will_paginate -v3.0.3
-will_paginate -v3.0.2
-will_paginate -v3.0.pre2
-will_paginate -v2.3.15
xml-simple -v1.1.1
-xml-simple -v1.1.0
xpath -v0.1.4
yaml_waml -v0.3.0
yammer4r -v0.1.5

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