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Visual Studio Code Open Project

This extension allows you to easily switch projects inside Visual Studio Code.

Project Settings

You can create a map (name -> folder) in the configuration:

    "vscode-open-project.projects": {
        "justcode": "D:\\Work\\vscode-open-project",
        "omnisharp": "D:\\Work\\omnisharp",
        "vscode": "D:\\Work\\vsocde",
        "vscode-open-project": "D:\\Work\\vscode-open-project"

or specify a config file in the configuration:

    "vscode-open-project.config": "D:\\Work\\projects.json"

In case you choose a config file, it should have a projects property:

    "projects": {
        "open-project": "D:\\Work\\vscode-open-project"


Open Project Command


Then choose the project to open:


This will launch a new Visual Studio Code instance with the selected project folder.

Change Project Command

Change Project is the same as Open Project but it changes the current working folder instead of launching a new Visual Studio Code instance.

Change Current Folder Command

Change Current Folder shows input where you should enter the folder path you want to change. The command replaces the current working folder.

Open Current File In New Window

Launches a new Visual Studio Code Instance with the current selected file.

Open Project Configuration

Opens the vscode user configuration or the json config file if you have specified it.