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<TITLE>Introduction to &prog;</TITLE>
<TITLE>What is &prog;?</TITLE>
&prog; is a DNA sequence comparison viewer based on <ULINK
type="external">Artemis</ULINK>. The name &prog; stands for Artemis
Comparison Tool. &prog; is written in Java, reads EMBL or GENBANK format
sequences and feature tables, and can work on sequences of any size.
&prog; understands several different comparison file formats. See <XREF
LINKEND="COMPARISON-RUN"> for details. Note that &prog; is a comparison
viewer only. The comparison information itself must be generated externally.
See <XREF LINKEND="COMPARISON-RUN"> for more details.
For other information see the <ULINK
URL="" TYPE="external">the &prog; web
pages</ULINK> or the <ULINK
URL="" TYPE="external">the &art; web
<TITLE>Getting and Installing &prog;</TITLE>
The most up to date version of &prog; is always available from the <ULINK
URL="">&prog; web pages</ULINK>.
<TITLE>Installation Instructions for UNIX and GNU/Linux</TITLE>
Change directory to the directory you wish to install &prog; in. We will use
<LITERAL>~/</LITERAL> in this example and in the next chapter. Uncompress and
untar the <LITERAL>act_compiled.tar.gz</LITERAL> file. The command
tar zxf act_compiled.tar.gz
This will create a directory called <LITERAL>~/act</LITERAL> which will
contain all the files necessity for running &prog;.
For instructions on how to run &prog; on UNIX and GNU/Linux once the archive
is unpacked see <XREF LINKEND="RUNNINGUNIX">.
<TITLE>Installation Instructions for MacOSX</TITLE>
For MacOSX users an archive artemis_act.dmg.gz disk image is provided.
This contains both Artemis and ACT applications.
This can be uncompressed using gunzip:
<ComputerOutput>gunzip artemis_act.dmg.gz</ComputerOutput>
Alternatively on OS X an easier solution is provided by StuffIt Expander.
Double-click on any file ending in ".gz" and StuffIt Expander will be
launched to uncompress that file.
<IMAGEDATA FORMAT="gif" FILEREF="mac_osx_dmg.gif">
The uncompressed disk image file "artemis_act.dmg" can be mounted by double
clicking on it. The mounted image, "artemis_act", can then be opened
and the software contents displayed by double clicking on it. Open an read the
"Readme.txt" file.
<TITLE>Installation Instructions for Windows</TITLE>
On Windows systems with Java (version 1.6 or higher), installing &prog;
is as simple as downloading the the act.jar file to an appropriate
place (such as the desktop or the Programs folder). When downloading
some versions of windows mistake this file for a zip file ensure it
does not name this, if it does rename it to act.jar
For instructions on how to run &prog; on Windows once it is unpacked see <XREF
<TITLE>Contributions and Suggestions</TITLE>
We welcome contributions to &prog; and to &art;, bug reports from users and
suggestions for new features. An email discussion list has been set up for
this purpose. To join, send a message to '' with
'subscribe artemis-users' in the body (not the subject). Announcements will
also be sent to this list.