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<TITLE>Project File Manager</TITLE>
The Project File Manager can be used to facilitate the launching of groups
of files together. The project details are stored between sessions of &prog;,
so that it is straightforward to return to a project and open up all the relevant
The Project File Manager window
<IMAGEDATA FORMAT="png" FILEREF="projMgr.png">
<TITLE>Using the Project File Manager</TITLE>
The Project File Manager can be opened from the <EMPHASIS>File</EMPHASIS> menu in the Artemis launch window (see <XREF LINKEND="LAUNCH-WINDOW">).
It opens with some example projects in the list on the left hand side of the panel.
Selecting a project in the list shows the associated files in the right hand side of the
To add a new project click on the green '+' button at the top of the Project File Manager
window and enter a name for the project. The new project opens with a blank form with a 'sequence'
field. <EMPHASIS>Note that each project has to have an associated sequence file (e.g. FASTA, EMBL, GenBank or GFF) that
contains the nucleotide sequence for Artemis to open up.</EMPHASIS> New files can be added to the project
by selecting the type of file from the drop down list at the bottom and clicking the
'NEW PROPERTY' button.
The project list and details are saved between sessions when Artemis is closed down. This information is
stored in the home directory in a file called ''. When Artemis is run it looks
for a '' file in the local directory as well as for the ''
file in the home directory.
Before opening a project the files can be toggled on and off in the
Project File Manager so that each can optionally be deselected and not opened.
Once a project has been set up it can be selected from the list and clicking 'OPEN' will
open the main Artemis window.
To remove a project from the list, select the project name and click the red '-' button
at the top of the window.