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<TITLE>Changing the Selection from a View Window</TITLE>
To select a feature just click on it with the first mouse
button. This will unselect anything that is currently selected. To add a
feature to the selection rather than replacing the current selection, hold the
<LITERAL>shift</LITERAL> key while clicking. A single feature can be removed
from the selection in the same way, because shift-clicking acts as a toggle.
The situation is made slightly more complicated by the existence of spliced
genes. When a feature segment (exon) is added to the selection the feature
that contains the segment is implicitly added as well. When the last segment
of a feature is removed from the selection, the feature is implicitly removed.
A single base or amino acid can be selected simply by clicking on it. A range
of bases can be added by clicking on the base at one end of the range then
shift-click on the base at the other end of the range. Alternatively you can
drag out a range of bases: click on a base then hold the mouse button down and
move to the other end. To select a complete open reading frame (ORF), double
click the middle mouse button (see <XREF LINKEND="MOUSEBUTTONS">) anywhere
inside the ORF (see <XREF LINKEND="SELECTMENU-ORF"> for another way to
select an ORF).
See <XREF LINKEND="CONCEPTS-SELECTION"> for more about the selection.
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