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# Feature qualifiers for EMBL/GenBank feature tables
# From:
# valid qualifier types are:
# (::) (text:text,text:text)
# EC "n.n.n.n"
# feature dbname::accno:location
# item single text item
# list one of the listed values
# modbase one of the stored modbase values
# none no value
# number nn
# (other) (text)
# location a valid location range (or feature label)
# real n.n within specified range
# ref [nn]
# text any text, no quotes added, spaces allowed if quoted
# "text" quoted text, double any contained quotes
# "opt" optional quoted text, double any contained quotes
# "list" quoted text, list of accepted values
# if not specified, the default is text (so anything is accepted)
# Name once_only Type Value(s) ..
allele no "text"
anticodon yes (::) pos aa
artificial_location yes list "heterogenous population sequenced" "low-quality sequence region"
bio_material no "text"
bound_moiety yes "text"
cell_line no "text"
cell_type no "text"
chromosome yes "opt"
citation no ref
clone no "text"
clone_lib no "text"
codon_start yes number 1 3
collected_by yes "text"
collection_date yes "text"
compare no text
country no "text"
cultivar no "text"
culture_collection no "text"
db_xref no "text"
dev_stage no "text"
direction yes list BOTH LEFT RIGHT
EC_number no "text"
ecotype yes "text"
environmental_sample yes none
estimated_length yes text
exception yes list "rearrangement required for product" "RNA editing" "reasons given in citation" "annotated by transcript or proteomic data"
experiment no "text"
focus yes none
frequency yes real 0.0 1.0
function no "text"
gap_type yes "list" "between scaffolds" "within scaffold" "telomere" "centromere" "short arm" "heterochromatin" "repeat within scaffold" "repeat between scaffolds"
gene yes "text"
gene_synonym no "text"
germline yes none
haplogroup yes "text"
haplotype yes "text"
host no "text"
identified_by yes "text"
inference no "text"
isolate no "text"
isolation_source yes "text"
lab_host no "text"
lat_lon yes "text"
linkage_evidence no "list" "paired-ends" "align genus" "align xgenus" "align trnscpt" "within clone" "clone contig" "map" "strobe" "unspecified"
locus_tag yes "text"
macronuclear yes none
map no "text"
mating_type yes "text"
mobile_element_type no "text"
mod_base yes list OTHER ac4c chm5u cm cmnm5s2u cmnm5u d fm gal q gm i i6a m1a m1f m1g m1i m22g m2a m2g m3c m5c m6a m7g mam5s2u mam5u man q mcm5s2u mcm5u mo5u ms2i6a ms2t6a mt6a mv o5u osyw p q s2c s2t s2u s4u t t6a tm um x yw
mol_type yes "list" "unassigned DNA" "unassigned RNA" "genomic DNA" "genomic RNA" "mRNA" "tRNA" "rRNA" "transcribed RNA" "other RNA" "other DNA" "protein" "viral cRNA"
ncRNA_class yes "list" "antisense_RNA" "autocatalytically_spliced_intron" "hammerhead_ribozyme" "RNase_P_RNA" "RNase_MRP_RNA" "telomerase_RNA" "guide_RNA" "rasiRNA" "scRNA" "siRNA" "miRNA" "piRNA" "snoRNA" "snRNA" "SRP_RNA" "vault_RNA" "Y_RNA" "other" "ribozyme"
note no "text"
number yes number 1 99999999
old_locus_tag no "text"
operon yes "text"
organelle yes list "mitochondrion" "plastid:chloroplast" "mitochondrion:kinetoplast" "plastid:chromoplast" "plastid:cyanelle" "plastid:leucoplast" "plastid:proplastid" "plastid:apicoplast" "plastid" "nucleomorph" "hydrogenosome" "chromatophore"
organism yes "text"
partial yes none
PCR_conditions no "text"
PCR_primers no "text"
phenotype no "text"
plasmid no "text"
pop_variant no "text"
product no "text"
protein_id yes "text"
proviral yes none
pseudogene yes "list" "processed" "unprocessed" "unitary" "allelic" "unknown"
rearranged yes none
replace yes "text"
ribosomal_slippage yes text
rpt_family yes "text"
rpt_unit_range no text
rpt_unit_seq no "text"
satellite yes "text"
segment yes "text"
serotype yes "text"
serovar yes "text"
sex yes "text"
specimen_voucher no "text"
standard_name no "text"
strain no "text"
sub_clone no "text"
sub_species no "text"
sub_strain no "text"
tag_peptide no text
tissue_lib no "text"
tissue_type no "text"
trans_splicing yes text
transgenic yes text
transl_except no (::) pos aa
transl_table yes number 1 11
translation yes "text"
variety no "text"