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# Feature qualifiers for EMBL/GenBank feature tables
# From:
# valid qualifier types are:
# (::) (text:text,text:text)
# EC "n.n.n.n"
# feature dbname::accno:location
# item single text item
# list one of the listed values
# modbase one of the stored modbase values
# none no value
# number nn
# (other) (text)
# location a valid location range (or feature label)
# real n.n within specified range
# ref [nn]
# text any text, no quotes added, spaces allowed if quoted
# "text" quoted text, double any contained quotes
# "opt" optional quoted text, double any contained quotes
# "list" quoted text, list of accepted values
# if not specified, the default is text (so anything is accepted)
# Name required Type Value(s) ..
ID no text
Name no text
Alias no text
Parent no text
Note no "text"
Ontology_term no text
gff_source no text
gff_seqname no text
score no text
Target no text
Gap no text
Derives_from no text
Dbxref no feature
Start_range no text
End_range no text
feature_id no number 1 99999999
colour no text
color no text
mass no text
isoelectric no text
charge no text
source no text
ortholog no "text"
partial no "text"
private no "text"
curation no "text"
results no "text"
allele no "text"
anticodon yes (::) pos aa
bound_moiety no "text"
cell_line no "text"
cell_type no "text"
chromosome no "opt"
citation no ref
clone no "text"
clone_lib no "text"
codon no (::) seq aa
codon_start yes number 1 3
comment no "text"
cons_splice yes (::) 5'site 3'site
country no "text"
cultivar no "text"
cytoplasm_location no "text"
cytoplasmic_polypeptide_region no "text"
db_xref no "text"
dev_stage no "text"
direction yes list LEFT RIGHT BOTH
ecotype no "text"
EC_number no "text"
environmental_sample no none
estimated_length no "text"
exception no "text"
focus no none
frequency yes real 0.0 1.0
function yes "text"
gene no "text"
germline yes none
GPI_anchor_cleavage_site no "text"
haplotype no "text"
insertion_seq no "text"
isObsolete no text
isolation_source no "text"
isolate no "text"
kinetoplast no "opt"
label yes item
lab_host no "text"
locus_tag no "text"
macronuclear no none
map no "text"
membrane_structure no "text"
mod_base no modbase
mol_type no "text"
non_cytoplasm_location no "text"
non_cytoplasmic_polypeptide_region no "text"
note no "text"
number yes number 1 99999999
operon no "text"
organell no "text"
organism yes "text"
partial yes none
PCR_conditions no "text"
phenotype no "text"
plasmid no "text"
pop_variant no "text"
product no "text"
protein_id no "text"
proviral yes none
pseudo yes none
rearranged yes none
replace no "text"
rpt_family no "text"
rpt_unit no "text"
segment no "text"
sequenced_mol no "list" "cDNA" "cDNA to genomic RNA" \
"cDNA to mRNA" "cDNA to other RNA" \
"cDNA to rRNA" "DNA" "mRNA" \
"RNA" "rRNA" "scRNA" "snRNA" "tRNA"
serotype no "text"
serovar no "text"
sex no "text"
signal_peptide no "text"
specific_host no "text"
specimen_voucher no "text"
standard_name no "text"
strain no "text"
sub_clone no "text"
sub_species no "text"
sub_strain no "text"
timelastmodified no text
tissue_lib no "text"
tissue_type no "text"
transgenic no "text"
translation no "text"
transmembrane no "text"
transmembrane_polypeptide_region no "text"
DNA_transposon no "text"