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add command line options show_snps, show_snp_plot, show_cov_plot

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1 parent e6fa5e4 commit a9906a8db0398bc67d95312f6d945a1dfc87cb7c tcarver committed Mar 21, 2013
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@@ -104,6 +104,9 @@ OPTIONS
-Dbam=FILE[,FILE2,...] Open one or more BAM, VCF or BCF files
-DbamClone=n Open all BAMs in multiple (n > 1) panels
-Dbam[1,2,..]=FILE[,FILE2,..] Open BAMs in separate panels
+ -Dshow_snps Show SNP marks in BamView
+ -Dshow_snp_plot Open SNP plot in BamView
+ -Dshow_cov_plot Open coverage plot in BamView
-Dshow_forward_lines=? Hide/show forward frame lines [true,false]
-Dshow_reverse_lines=? Hide/show reverse frame lines [true,false]
-Dchado="h:p/d?u" Get Artemis to open this CHADO database

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