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Validate a genome metadata manifest against a checklist
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Validate a genome metadata manifest against a checklist

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License: GPL v3



Bio-Metadata-Validator is used to validate an input file against the checklist.


Details for installing Bio-Metadata-Validator are provided below. If you encounter an issue when installing Bio-Metadata-Validator please contact your local system administrator. If you encounter a bug please log it here or email us at

From Source

Clone the repository:

git clone

Move into the directory and install all dependencies using DistZilla:

cd Bio-Metadata-Validator
dzil authordeps --missing | cpanm
dzil listdeps --missing | cpanm

Run the tests:

dzil test
If the tests pass, install Bio-Metadata-Validator:

dzil install

Running the tests

The test can be run with dzil from the top level directory:

dzil test


Validate a manifest:

shell% validate_manifest -c hicf.conf valid_manifest.csv
'valid_manifest.csv' is valid

Check an invalid file and write the invalid rows to an output file:

shell% validate_manifest -c hicf.conf -o validated.csv -i invalid_manifest.csv
'invalid_manifest.csv' is invalid. Found 6 invalid rows
wrote only invalid rows from validated file to 'validated.csv'.

Specify the configuration file in an environment variable. For bash:

bash% export CHECKLIST_CONFIG=hicf.conf

or for C-shell:

csh% setenv CHECKLIST_CONFIG hicf.conf


shell% validate_manifest valid_manifest.csv
'valid_manifest.csv' is valid

This script validates a sample manifest against a checklist and displays a report. The checklist must be defined in a configuration file, which should be supplied either using the --config option or by setting the CHECKLIST_CONFIG environment variable.

When the --output option is supplied, the validated file will be written to the specified output file. If the input file was not valid, invalid rows in the output file will have error messages appended to them. Adding the --write-invalid option will cause the script to write only invalid rows to the output file. The default behaviour is to write both valid and invalid rows to the output file.

The script exits with status 0 if the input file was valid. The exit status will be 1 if the input file was invalid, or if there was a problem with the options or an error was encountered while running.

-h --help
   display help text
-c --config
   configuration file defining the checklist that should be used to validate the input file
-o --output
   write the validated input to the specifed output file. Default is to write all rows, both valid and invalid.
-i --write-invalid
   write only invalid rows, with error messages appended, to the specified output file.
<input file>
   Input file to be validated.


Bio-Metadata-Validator is free software, licensed under GPLv3.


Please report any issues to the issues page or email

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