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Full Stack Django+MySQL/AngularJS Application

Deployed on Fedora

Some of the documentation may refer specifically to Fedora and may not convert to Debian/Ubuntu platforms.


  • install virtualenv
  • If you are on a server you will need development tools/mysql-devel/python-devel
  • On Fedora 23 I had to run the following commands
dnf install python-devel mysql-devel redhat-rpm-config
dnf groupinstall "Development Tools"
virtualenv env
source env/bin/activate
pip install -r


it would be convenient to have this nifty little tool! pip install httpie

MySQL/MariaDB Setup


  • install docker Docker
  • follow instructions on Docker MariaDB
  • to get list of docker machines running docker-machine ls
  • to get IP address of specific docker machine docker-machine ip NAME
  • The address from command above + 3306 as port is where the local MySQL/MariaDB will be!


  • install MySQL/MariaDB depending on your distro

Setup mock data

  • modify databse settings under checkIn/checkIn/ `
  • run python syncdb it will ask you to make a superuser, do it
  • Find the bash script under checkIn/checkIn/sql_setup
  • Edit the user/password/host/port/db fields and run the script
  • Under the same directory as, run the following commands

`pythonsh python shell

from rest.utils import * save_students() save_courses() save_student_courses()

## Tests
+ `python test`
+ `http -a SUPERUSER:SUPERUSERPASSWORD http://localhost:8000/v1/`
+ `http -a SUPERUSER:SUPERUSERPASSWORD http://localhost:8000/v1/students`

## Deployment
+ Install nginx
+ Check to see if gunicorn will work locally `gunicorn --bind checkIn.wsgi:application`
+ Modify the `gunicorn.service` file and put it under systemd directory `/etc/systemd/system/`
+ move the `checkin.nginx.conf` file to `/etc/nginx/conf.d` (default)
+ as root `systemctl start gunicorn`
+ `ps aux | grep gunicorn` to see if the process is running

## Obtaining Token
+ I use httpie to send POST request, it's trivial to convert the following command to curl if you do not want to 
install it
+ create a super user if you haven't `python createsuperuser`
+ replace SUPERUSER/SUPERPASSWORD with superuser credentials `http POST http://localhost:8000/api-token-auth/ username=SUPERUSER password=SUPERUSERPASSWORD`
+ The token is used to authenticate front end applications

## Resources
+ I generated mock data from website: [Mockaroo](
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