Sangria MessagePack marshalling.
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Sangria MessagePack marshalling.

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SBT Configuration:

libraryDependencies += "org.sangria-graphql" %% "sangria-msgpack" % "1.0.0"

BigDecimal handling

MessagePack does not support BigDecimal natively. However it supports extension types.

In order to provide BigDecimal support, sangria-msgpack implements an extension type with type ID 47. It packs the scale in the first 4 bytes (int) followed by unscaled big integers value. This is the default behaviour, so you don't need any addition import for it.

If you would like to allow sangria-msgpack to pack BigDecimal values as standard types (big integer and double), then you need to add following import:

import sangria.marshalling.msgpack.standardTypeBigDecimal._

Please use it with caution because it will throw IllegalArgumentException if number does not fit in big integer or double.


sangria-msgpack is licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0.