An example of GraphQL server written with Play and sangria
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Sangria 1.4.1, Play Framework 2.6.15
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Sangria playground

This is an example of a GraphQL server written with Play framework and Sangria. It also serves as a playground. On the right hand side you can see a textual representation of the GraphQL schema which is implemented on the server and that you can query here. On the left hand side you can execute a GraphQL queries and see the results of its execution.

It's available here:

This is just a small demonstration. It really gets interesting when you start to play with the schema on the server side. Fortunately it's pretty easy to do. Since it's a simple Play application, all it takes to start playground locally and start playing with the schema is this:

$ git clone
$ cd sangria-playground
$ sbt run

Now you are ready to point your browser to http://localhost:9000. The only prerequisites are SBT and Java 8.