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  • High-level API for SDL-based schema materialization (#288). It provides much more simple and robust API for building an executable schema based on SDL definitions. For more info see "High-level SDL-based Schema Builder" section of the documentation.

    As a part of this feature, new functionality was introduced in AstSchemaBuilder which provides even more flexibility for schema materialization.

    Minor breaking change: most of the methods in AstSchemaBuilder got new argument origin: MatOrigin. In order to migrate, you need to adjust the signatures of affected methods and add origin: MatOrigin argument.

  • Prepared queries without known variables (#281, #277). Huge thanks to @msolomon for making this contribution! This feature adds QueryReducerExecutor.reduceQueryWithoutVariables. In its signature it is similar to Executor.prepare, but it does not require variables and designed to validate and execute query reducers for queries that are being analyzed ahead of time (e.g. in the context of persistent queries).

  • Ability to provide a partial error for deferred values (#290). DeferredValue and DeferredFutureValue now has a method mapWithErrors. This works similar to the PartialValue, so you can still have a successful result and at the same time indicate errors that happened during deferred value resolution.

  • Ability to provide additional values from Middleware (#289). beforeField now returns BeforeFieldResult (instead of just a tuple) which allows you to add a MiddlewareAttachment. This attachment then can be used in resolve function via Context.attachment/Context.attachments.