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Aparently for Server Core 2019 you have to take base image and apply the desired language pack by yourself.

And, here you can see some tips about how to do it:

Trying to install (and fail) language pack using dockerfile

  1. Read Suport Link to understand the suggested approach to install languages over server core 2019
  2. Manually download ISO that contains the language packs here
  3. Manually mount the ISO image, in my case to: D:\x64\langpacks
  4. Manually move pt-BR langpack D:/x64/langpacks/ to current dockerfile dir
  5. Create volume dir at host machine, in my case: c:\shared_at_host
  6. We are good to go, take a look at dockerfile:
COPY C:/temp/
RUN powershell -NoProfile -Command \
  lpksetup.exe /i pt-BR /f /a /s /p C:\temp
RUN mkdir C:\shared_at_container
  1. Build it:
docker build -t wes-cloud2019 .
  1. Run container:
docker run --name wes-cloud2019 -d -v c:\shared_at_host:C:\shared_at_container -p 4000:80 wes-cloud2019
  1. Enter container using powershell:
docker exec -i wes-cloud2019 powershell
  1. Export event viewer
wevtutil epl System C:\shared_at_container\System.evtx /ow
wevtutil epl Application C:\shared_at_container\Application.evtx /ow
  1. Go back to your host, open host dir c:\shared_at_host, evtx and search for errors or anything suspicious


At this point, we can see intuitive steps to fix doesn't work. And nothing clear was found.. Maybe steps above could help MS to make it easier, or fix something..

What else can we do here?

Once I'm inside container, let's play and learn some tricks, take a look..

Run lpksetup.exe inside container

  1. lpksetup.exe /i pt-BR /f /a /s /p C:\temp
  2. Export evtx again and take a look, maybe something new appears

How to list language pack

(Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_OperatingSystem).MUILanguages

Trying to set Internation Settings (and fail)

Following MS docs about How To Configure Internation Settings, the way to do it is using the International Windows PowerShell Cmdlets.

Set-WinUserLanguageList pt-BR -Force
Set-WinUILanguageOverride pt-BR
Set-WinSystemLocale pt-BR
Set-Culture pt-BR
Set-WinHomeLocation -GeoId 32

Well, it doesn't work in my case, specially because I'm forcing pt-BR, but as far as I can see, pt-BR lang pack fails.. right?!

One thing annoying is the lack of feedback when running powershell inside container, there is no output, I'm missing something??

Let's try to read those settings:


WOW, some settings changed, another settings still same. The most important setting, in my case, is WinSystemLocale.

Others event logs to export

wevtutil epl System C:\shared_at_container\System.evtx /ow
wevtutil epl Application C:\shared_at_container\Application.evtx /ow
wevtutil epl Microsoft-Windows-International-RegionalOptionsControlPanel/Operational C:\shared_at_container\international_01.evtx /ow
wevtutil epl Microsoft-Windows-International/Operational C:\shared_at_container\international_02.evtx /ow

Why am I playing around this subject?

Our IIS Application make a call to an legacy Win32 .exe process, that Win32 .exe deal with scripts, but scripts are being truncated on Server Core 2019, only when scripts have pt-BR chars like â, ã, é, ç,...

  • It's fails running on ServerCore2019
  • It's perfect fine when running on ServerCore2016, that's intriguing

I'm running Docker Desktop Community on Windows 10 Desktop

  • Docker version: 18.09.0
  • Windows 10 host version: 10.0.17763.195 - It's a Desktop, not a Server - pt-BR version
  • Server Core 2016 version: 10.0.17134.469 - Running just fine
  • Server Core 2019 version: 10.0.17763.134 - With language issue

Dockerfile is the same for both (2016 and 2019), except for base image:

  • Server Core 2016: FROM microsoft/aspnet:4.7.2-windowsservercore-1803
  • Server Core 2019: FROM


I'm not sure, but "Language for non-Unicode programs" setting looks suspicious:

  • Running container Server Core 2016, I think that it reads (the setting) from Windows host machine, which is pt-BR.
  • Running container Server Core 2019 (probablly more isolated version) it's not readding from Windows host machine.

Open questions

I came this far and all I have is a lot of questions:

From where, how and when Server Core 2019 container reads that settings? And how it differs from 2016?

What is the right way to set international settings on Server Core 2019 containers, ideally, without restart required?

Is it necessary to install language pack before change international settings?

Is it required to restart? Does it make sense, when we are talking about containers?