the Sanguine Easy Embed Template, is a system that will alow a person to have many php programs and only one mark up file to control them all. Has uses in Zen Cart, Drupal Non CMS based php/html sites
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<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
<html xmlns="">
    <title>Sanguine Easy Embed Templating System For Zen Cart</title>
			border-bottom: solid 1px;
			border-top: solid 1px;
		ol {
			list-style-type: upper-roman;
		ol li{
		ol ol {
		ol ol li, ol ul li {
			text-transform: none;
//| Sanguine Easy Embed Template - Zen Cart                | 
//|Support Site:                                           |
//| |
//|Released under the GPL v2                               |
//|(c)Sanguis Developmet 2008                              |
//|PLease consider donating to:                            |
//|                             |
//|via Pay Pal                                             |
      The Sanguine Easy embed template for Zen Cart. If this
      program makes you money please consider donating to, via Pay Pal in order to offset
      the time loss that happens in the maintaining and supporting
      of this program.
      JOsh Beaureagard (sanguisdesign, on the Zen Cart
      forum.)<br />
        Install requirements
        Install Instructions (as provided by urbanx, and modified
        over time)
        Map to version 2.
        Change Log
        Module Support
		<li class="chapterTitle" id="req">INSTALL REQUIREMENTS</li>
			<li>A Zen Cart 1.3.x install</li>
			<li>A a working mark up file (html layout) that you would like to embed your Zen cart into.</li>
			<li>Basic php and html syntax knowledge.</li>
			<li>A willingness to worth through any issues and learn.</li>
		<li class="chapterTitle" id="instructions">INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS</li>
		(Originally Provided by Urbanx <a href=";postcount=83">here</a>.
			<li>Create an html file in your web site that you would like to embed Zen cart into. Let's call it shop.html and let's put it in the root of our web site: - we can access this file from - the file is found on the server at /path_to_your_files/shop.html</li>
			<li>Some Where in your html file, you need to put three very specific lines of text. WHERE you put them is up to you, but they must be together and they must be exact. The thing to know is that it goes in the body of the file, and that it goes where you want your Zen Cart to go.
				<br />
					&#60;!-- START EMBED --&#62;<br />
	     			&#60;!-- END EMBED --&#62;
			<li><p>Install Zen Cart. I'm going to assume that you installed Zen Cart in a directory called Zen. Go to and do all the Zen installation stuff.</p>
			<li>Once you have Zen Cart up and running, it is time to install the new template. The sang_embed template installs like any other template. Please see the wiki if you need basic assistance with installing a template in Zen Cart. Essentially, you copy the template files to your web server. Most will go in Zen/includes/templates/sang_embed, but the main thing is to match the folder structure in the download. Don't forget to "turn on" the sang_embed template in the admin.</li>
			<li>Make ONE change in the file named easy_embed/config.php. You
		    can find it at
		    find the line that begins with "$this-&gt;templateFile" (it is
		    line 15) and change it so that it refers to the html file you
		    created in step 1. In our example, it would be:
		    $this-&gt;templateFile = '/path_to_your_files/shop.html'; Other
		    examples can be: //if your mark up file is located in the same
		    folder as this file. $this-&gt;templateFile = DIR_FS_CATALOG .
		    DIR_WS_TEMPLATES. 'sang_embed/common/' . 'FILENAME'; //if your
		    mark up file is located in the Zen Cart root.
		    $this-&gt;templateFile = DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'FILENAME'; //other
		    wise fill this in $this-&gt;templateFile =
			<li>(optional) in the config file there are options on lines 21-28
		    the top 4 are true or false and have been set already for Zen
		    cart and SHOULD NOT BE CHANGED. How ever if you want to add a
		    modifier to your links and images so that they point to the
		    correct files add a value there. An example would be if your
		    template was based on files that existed in the html root dir
		    you links would point to "/PAGE.html", and your Zen Cart is
		    installed in /Zen then you would want to rewrite you links to
		    be "../" so that they pointed to a parent directory. </li>
			<li>Go test it by going to 8. Revel in your brilliance.</li>
		<li class="chapterTitle" id="map">Road Map to version 3</li>.
			<li>Possible web
    interface in admin section. Liquid layout Embed Side boxes any
		 	<li>Add ezpages menu</li>
		<li class="chapterTitle" id="change">Change log:</li>
		(newest first)
			<li>Totally rewrote the magic.php file so that its is now a php class/object.</li>
			<li>Added options for the config.</li>
			<li>Revised readme.txt file.</li>
			<li> Moved Files from    templates/sang_embed/common to templates/sang_embed/sang_embed/congig.php and magic.php.</li>
			<li>Updated Zen cart template files to reflect new class fuctions.</li>
			<li>Updated readme.txt file to include install requirements, and support locations.</li>
			<li>Split divided the config file in to two files. To separate the configuration form the process.
					<dd>For configuration declaration.</dd>
					<dd>For the processing of the script.</dd>
			<li>Added examples to the embed_config.</li>
			<li>html_header.php Now gets the embed_magic.php instead of the config.</li>
			<li>Merged language and template files with ZC 1.3.8a release.</li>
			<li>Updated readmetxt file to include urbanix's install instructions.</li>
			<h3>1.1 </h3>
			<li>tpl_footer.php and tpl_html_header.php removed body includes moved to tpl_main_page.php </li>
			<li>Added language files and folders that I find I am always having to change, and make copies of.</li>
			<li>Added a that works more with/ the provided style sheet.</li>
			<li>In html_header.php; on line 18 replaced:
				<br /> 
				<code>require_once 'embed_config.php';</code>
				<br />with:
				<br />
				<code>require_once($template-&gt;get_template_dir('embed_config.php',DIR_WS_TEMPLATE, $current_page_base,'common'). '/embed_config.php');</code>
				<br />
				to make it more over rides complaint.
    <li class="chapterTitle" id="support">Additional Support:</li>
	<p>Community support can be obtained at <a href=""></a>.</p>
	<p>Commercial support can be obtained at <a href=""></a></p>