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Logging refactors, Websocket Refactors, Various bug fixes

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@seemethere seemethere released this

To see the exhaustive list of pull requests included in this release see:


  • Fixed a bug where trigger_events didn't actually trigger events in async create_server #885 (Thanks to @yunstanford)
  • Changed strict_slashes to be True by default #900 (Thanks to @yunstanford)
  • Changed Unauthorized exception __init__ to be more like the rest of the exceptions #914 (Thanks to @CharAct3)
  • Added an option to define a name for a route #901 (Thanks to @lixxu)
  • Made the prefixes for the environment variables configurable #931 (Thanks to @Tim-Erwin)
  • Fixed windows support where syslog raises an ImportError #947 (Thanks to @lanfon72)
  • Added support for vhosts in static routes #953 (Thanks to @r0fls)
  • Split RequestTimeout, ResponseTimeout, and KeepAliveTimeout into different timeouts #939 (Thanks to @ashleysommer)
  • Fixed Connection lost before response written #965 (Thanks to @samael500)
  • SanicTestClient now gets its own port #1008 (Thanks to @youknowone)