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* TODO: see below, and in the "TODO" file. Enjoy!
Mon Dec 22 20:29:16 1997 <>
* CVS logs and other obsolete stuff removed. Anybody
who wants to keep some revision control now has a
clean slate to start with.
Mon Dec 22 19:53:34 1997 <>
* i_sound.c: enabled SNDSERV, as SNDINTR for
some reason just gives ghastly results e.g.
on E4M2. Frankly, I am at a loss. SNDSERV is
now default, until the internal sound driver
is a bit more reliable.
Note that the current redundancy means that
changes like the one below will have to
be propagated manually to the soundserver
* m_menu.c: the 4th episode is now removed with
the original doom.wad. You need to rename the
Ultimate DOOM/Special Edition retail IWAD to
doomu.wad now, or you won't see the 4th episode
in the menu. The compile time SPECIAL define
is thus gone.
Mon Dec 22 17:08:33 1997 <>
* v_video.c (V_DrawPatch): another last minute hack.
While shareware, retail, commercial, and plutonia
(being a full DOOM2 IWAD) seem to work okay now,
TNT gives an error on finishing the first mission:
"Patch at -35, -5 exceeds LFB".
I changed the error abort into a simple return,
thus the patch is ignored. The intermission screen
seems to come up okay.
* TODO: check which patch, and whether it is an IWAD
* i_sound.c: the sound table is hardwired in
sounds.h/sounds.c. As our current crude
sound handling simply loads *all* sounds at
startup, we are going to miss some with DOOM1
WAD files. I could skip them, but decided to
load a placeholder instead (dspistol). It might
be good to use a distinct default sound for
WAD debug purposes. A zero length sound lump
would work, but would not be noticeable.
Anyway, shareware and retail work now.
* TODO: implement proper handling for missing
lumps, sound and otherwise.
Perhaps move sound table into WAD?
* g_game.c (G_DoPlayDemo): finally removed the
annoying "Demo is from a different game version"
abort. It now simply declines to playback the
demo, and waits for user input on some
do_nothing screen.
* doomdef.h&Cie.: Lesson of the day - do not
replace a bunch of booleans with an enum and
use the same identifiers. Point in case:
"if ( commercial )" will not give an error,
and will always be true as long as the enum
value is greater than zero.
I found that the DOOM2 vs. DOOM differences
are everywhere (weapons, monsters, doors).
Number of episodes varies from shareware/commercial
to registered to retail, while commercial has
a unique set (two of them, counting the german
edition) of maps in one episode. Plus, TNT and
Plutonia add some TITLE strings to the mixture.
Well, Plutonia and TNT are treated as DOOM2 for
now, so you will miss the startup message.
* wi_stuff.h (NUMEPISODES): removed SPECIAL switch.
It is no 4 times 9 for wi_stuff.c internal
static arrays - doesn't matter.
* TODO: unified handling with DOOM 2 - dynamic
allocation of arrays.
* i_sound.c (I_UpdateSound): okay, I separated
the mixing, now done synchonously, along with
a flag signalling the timer that the mixing buffer
has been updated. The handler is now very short,
and I tried several intervals down to 50usecs,
w/o complaints. Now the man page says:
"system timer resolution currently 10ms". Odd.
Anyway, while the double shotgun/plasma rapid
fire problem seems to be a bit less disturbing
at higher refresh, it's still there. I set the
interval to 500usec, which is sufficient for
avoiding any buffer update misses.
Conclusion after just two days of experimentation:
yep, sound driver code isn't fun at all.
As for the bug - well, Dave Taylor suggested
close distance getting into a divide-by-near-zero
situation, screwing up the volume. I can't figure
why latency of an external sound driver or screen
size affect this, but I am running out of ideas.
* i_sound.c:
Some more experimentation with the timer driven
sound. It doesn't work well using an intervall
of less then 30 msecs - there will be artifacts
with say 50 msecs. This is pretty obvious with
a target frame rate of at least 30fps, methinks.
Using the REAL/SIGALRM timer with 30msec gets
rid of the artifacts, it seems - at the expense
of slowing down things on a P133 to a noticeable
jerkiness. Bah.
Mon Dec 22 00:36:54 1997 <>
* info.c: and i_video.c and i_sound.c - don't ask
me why some Linux header files are different with
gcc vs. g++, or what the complaint about the g++
complaint info.c state table is all about:
"initializer element for `states[..].action.acp1'
is not constant"
Undid some changes, compiled with gcc, playtested,
seems okay. Done for today... yesterday.
* i_net.c (ntohl): okay, htons/htonl, ntohs,ntohl
are back to haunt me. Copied the macros that
on my box aren't used for whatever reason directly
into the source. Got rid of all other multiple and
undefined references. CC=g++ now compiles (still
many warnings) and links, but the binary dumps a
core after Init PlayLoop. So be it.
Sun Dec 21 12:38:08 1997 <>
* p_enemy.c (P_NewChaseDir): changed tdir to int,
removed the LUTs - spurious locks were due to
endless loops created by boneheaded predecessor
map. Has to be a better way to do enum dirtype_t
anyway. Problem seems to be fixed.
* CC=gcc again, this time loads of #includes to
fix "implicit declarations, and one or two
unused variables. DOOM now compiles without
any -Wall warnings left, as C.
* Bug: compiled the reworked code with gcc. Within a
solid while of testing and blasting away, it
locked once. Got a core, which gdb doesn't grok.
* TODO: okay, linkage of g++ build modules give loads
of errors, because we have many implicits, plus
missing #pragma implementation causing multiple
definitions. Yet, this is the very first time DOOM
was compiled as C++ without a parsing error. So there.
* sounds.c: included doomtype.h and removed yet another
enum { false, true } definition.
* p_saveg.c (misc): several.
* p_mobj.c (P_SpawnMobj): (actionf_p1)P_MobjThinker
* p_spec.c (EV_DoDonut): (action_p1) T_MoveFloor (twice).
* p_plats.c (EV_DoPlat): (actionf_p1) T_PlatRaise.
* p_plats.c (EV_StopPlat): (actionf_v)NULL.
* p_plats.c (P_ActivateInStasis): same
* p_lights.c (P_SpawnGlowingLight): (actionf_p1) T_Glow.
* p_lights.c (P_SpawnStrobeFlash): (actionf_p1) T_StrobeFlash.
* p_lights.c (P_SpawnLightFlash): (actionf_p1) T_LightFlash.
* p_lights.c (P_SpawnFireFlicker): (actionf_p1) T_FireFlicker.
* p_floor.c (EV_DoFloor): (actionf_p1) T_MoveFloor.
* p_floor.c (EV_BuildStairs): same (twice).
* p_doors.c (EV_VerticalDoor): (actionf_p1)T_VerticalDoor.
* p_doors.c (P_SpawnDoorCloseIn30): same
* p_doors.c (P_SpawnDoorRaiseIn5Mins): same
* p_doors.c (EV_DoDoor): same
* p_ceilng.c (EV_CeilingCrushStop): (actionf_v)NULL.
* p_ceilng.c (EV_DoCeiling): (actionf_p1)T_MoveCeiling.
* p_ceilng.c (P_ActivateInStasisCeiling): same.
These gave g++ errors, but have been ignored by gcc.
* r_data.c (R_PrecacheLevel): (actionf_p1)P_MobjThinker.
* p_saveg.c: conversions (actionf_p1)T_Whatever.
* p_tick.c: cast (actionf_v)(-1).
* p_telept.c: yet another (actionf_p1)P_MobjThinker.
* p_mobj.c (P_MobjThinker): cast (actionf_v)(-1).
* TODO: decent NOP/NULL/Nil function pointer.
I'd introduce a global A_NOP() function that
chokes up an error message.
Why -1 instead of NULL?
* p_enemy.c: conversions (actionf_p1)P_MobjThinker.
* d_think.h/info.h: think_t is essentially
the same action function pointer stuff.
I moved the definitions from info.h to
d_think.h, and aliased them with a typedef.
Now more changes needed.
* p_enemy.c (successor, predecessor): new LUT,
to provide increments/decrements for enum
dirtype_t, as g++ complaints:
"no post-increment/decrement operator for type"
* Makefile (CC): okay, tried "g++" once more.
A few errors (above). Plus shitloads of warnings
(obviously, better "unused" checking with C++,
lots of the usual int2enum suspects, implicit
declarations, the works).
* p_mobj.c: action.acp1 used accordingly.
* p_pspr.c: action.acp2 used accordingly.
* TODO: info.c:144 warning
"missing braces around initializer for `states[0].action'"
* info.h/info.c: some experimental stuff on
action function pointers.
* TODO: still some sound glitches at startup.
* i_sound.c: few more cleanups. Made mixing use
channel loop instead of unroll, set mixbuffer
to zero ot start.
Removed some more DOS leftovers (8bit),
kept some as comment.
* hu_stuff.c (HU_Start):
More gamemode changes. As in d_main.c, I
decided to use DOOM2 as default whenever
one needed - it was sold most, and had the
superset of items, enemies and monsters.
* TODO: the handling of WAD specific messages
should definitely be removed.
* d_main.c (CheckBetaTest):
Removed outdated, DOS specific BETATEST stuff.
d_main.c (IdentifyVersion):
Numerous changes to gamemode handling.
* TODO: currently, french language is enabled by
detecting an doom2f.wad - yet it needs FRENCH
define at compile time. I removed most language
stuff, and propose handling that at runtime,
using a switch in the config file. Well,
mission specific texts won't work outside the
WAD anyway.
* TODO: along the same lines: I suggest removing
the misc. devparm switches as well - lots of
redundancy not needed anymore.
* Makefile: finally added a doomstat.c for all
the global state variables listing internal
engine configuration. Right now, these are
scattered everywhere. Declaration to be found
in doomstat.h header.
* f_finale.c (F_StartFinale):
Reworked the entire finale handling based on
game mode enum.
* doomstat.h:
Global variables for game mode and language.
Removed old booleans.
* doomdef.h: GameMode_t and Language_t enum added.
Boolean for language was kinda limiting to 2
alternatives (french, english), and five boolean
plus #define SPECIAL for game version is just ugly.
* wi_stuff.h: SPECIAL switch compiles two
different EXE's, one for 3 episodes of 9 maps
each (DOOM 1 registered), one for 4 episodes
of 9 maps each (DOOM 1 retail/FinalDOOM).
Implicitely, the DOOM2 config (one episode,
34 missions) is handled. How is the german
edition (32 missions only) done?
Frankly, this is a mess. The problem is that
intermission (animated as in DOOM 1, simple
backdrop as in DOOM2) as well as certain
items (double shotgun) as well as certain
rendering stuff (sky texture) depend on this.
Plus, it ties into runtime flags as "commercial"
as well. Yuck.
Each change will change the game. Postponed.
* d_net.c,m_misc.c: removed last two NeXT remains.
* d_englsh.h,d_french.h,d_main.c,m_misc.c,r_draw.c,v_video.c:
more WATCOM remains removed. Kept some stuff that
handeld the blocky mode/detailshift in DOS, which
is n.a. in Linux - but probably not worth fixing.
Sat Dec 20 15:16:51 1997 <>
* Bug: core dump when using doom.wad or doom1.wad
without a "-file UNUSED/doom2.wad". Version
dependend handling of stuff (double shotgun)
comes to mind.
* doomdef.h:
SNDSERV enables external sound server
support. SNDINTR enables internal sound
output with timer (asynchronous). Default
is internal, synchronous.
* i_sound.c (I_HandleSoundTimer):
Okay, the plasma/double shotgun sound bug
(crapyy sund when firing nose-to-wall) is
obviously a problem with blocking at
refresh - smaller screen size makes it go
I won't do threads w/o a proper gdb, and
I can't do whatever Dave Taylor did with
LinuxQuake w/o the sources, thus I broke
down and implemented a timer based solution.
Seems to work fine, given the fact that
this is the first time ever I implemented
sound handling.
Fri Dec 19 10:02:48 1997 <>
* m_menu.c/i_sound.c/s_sound.c:
Removed a few more inconsistencies due to
old internal sound handling (DOS),
external (Linux sndserver), and
new internal (the unfinished merge of
both the former).
The Options/Sound/Music volume menu is
accessible now. It was due to an internal
scaling of the menu (effective range 0-15),
up to 0..120, by multiply with 8 scattered
all over the place, that we got a
v_video.c: I_Error ("Bad V_DrawPatch")
Now I am using the menu resolution
everywhere, and scaling should only be done
in the actual mixing/output.
* OK, obviously this hasn't been updated in months.
This is because: a) most of the time nothing
happened, and b) when something got done, it was
too much to keep track of it by CVS and/or ChangeLog.
Basically, what happened in the meantime is that
I did not find a publisher who believed that the book
sales would be worth doing it. Within the limited
amount of time that I could dedicate to a project
that will not generate any revenue whatsoever,
I spent some time on cleaning up the Linux code
base which works, essentially. I might or might not
be able to participate in a Mesa+Voodoo+Glide based
GLDOOM port for Linux. I won't waste a minute on
Win32 without getting paid for it.
Because of the legal issues involved with the
DMX sound library id licensed for DOS DOOM, Linuxdoom
is the only code base that has sound support at all.
Other UNIX ports (SGI, Sun) could probably be revived
and integrated w/o too many problems. There is no
Win32 port - I never had access to WinDOOM or
Jim Dose's GLDOOM sources. There is no Linux
OpenGL (read: Mesa) support yet - that'd involve
internal changes which will best be done after a
public source release.
John Carmack opted for a release of the Linux code.
I have removed all DMX references I could get a
hold of, but preserved some of the original
sound handling within DOOM that interfaced
with DMX. Linuxdoom (like previous UNIX ports)
used a separate sound server binary. I did some
work on putting the sound server module back into
the engine. It works, but shutdown (pending sounds),
and sound output parallel to refresh (blocking)
is crappy, and there is a problem with double
shotgun and plasma at close distance (as well as
with lots of other noises going on). As the
mixing code is identical to the separate
soundserver, and as it doesn't seem to be a
blocking issue, I am currently at a loss - I
wonder whether the IPC communication with the
soundserver process introduced a delay that
changed behaviour, or whether I simply overlooked
a bug. I am currently lacking the time to track
this down, so I am keeping both internal and
soundserver source.
I did remove DOS and Watcom specifics. I did also
remove the texture mapping and fixed point assembly.
From my experience, it isn't worth the trouble
to ue GCC inline assembler, as performance of
the same loop written in C is perfectly sufficient.
On demand I will put both assembly modules into some
documentation, as they are probably of historic
There is no Sun DGA, Irix, or other non-Linux stuff
in this code base (at least, not intentionally).
They will be back when ports to other UNIX
environments will be merged back (I can't do
testing, and the modules were separate and not
consistent, so I refrained from wasting time on
this prior to a public release).
While I made only minor changes to the actual code
(some fixes, some cleaning up of SHM and audio),
I did a huge amount of shuffling around. I
introduced many more header files and modules,
some of them laughably small (doing these changes
is bound to screw up CVS, so no CVS record anymore
for the time being). I would introduce even more
separation if I had the time. Splitting the
animation/AI/behaviour code that defines
"DOOM - The Game" into a separate (like
Quake2 does) should definitely be done. Separating
a aka "DOOM - The Engine", and defining
a clean interface prior to introducing a
is recommended as well.
I am going to purge some more leftovers, remove
the obsolete CVS history except for comments,
and try to clean up the last "implicit declaration"
and "unused variable" warnings. Except for enabling
cheats in nightmare (to have more fun while testing),
I did not change the game mechanics at all. I would
strongly advise against doing so w/o the proper
separations suggested above. I will not waste time
on fixing detail and blocky mode, lack of resize,
or other stuff that it better addressed by a proper
GLDOOM port.
Sat Aug 16 08:07:16 1997 <>
* p_pspr.c:
Moved the sprite animation stuff from doomdef.h here.
* info.h:
Added #ifndef __INFO__ for multiple inclusion. I am
not going to deal with multigen, or changing the
original DOOM monster animation anyway.
* p_spec.h/c:
Moved anim_t etc., locally used only. There is
another anim_t in wi_stuff.h/c, now local as well,
so collisions on header inclusion should not occur.
#include "doomdef.h"
#include "doomstat.h"
these should now be topmost includes.
* doomstat.h, doomdef.h, wi_stuff.h, d_player.h:
I moved wbstartstruct_t to d_player.h, and wminfo
to doomstat.h. Basically, I will try to move all
global state related stuff into doomstat.h, and
all data structures defined for state variables
into doomdef.h - this will be kinda greek tragedy,
and never finished, but a body can try.
* wi_stuff.h/c, wi_data.h:
Removed wi_data.h, put all local stuff blah... see
I have found several unused global variables,
started outcommenting them with //U, will remove
them later. It might be Watcom/PC stuff, or
somebody put the actual numbers into the implementation
instead of using STARDIST, ANIMPERIOD & Cie.
* st_stuff.h/c: from doomdef.h, local stuff moved
into st_stuff.c, etc.
In the current revisions, I am tolerating warnings
of the "implicit declaration" kind - the linker
resolves the stuff, and it will be handy in
unmangling the modules once the headers contain
only the globally visible stuff.
* am_map.h/c, am_data.h:
Removed am_data.h, put all local stuff into
am_map.c, moved globally needed headers from
doomdef.h into am_map.h.
* p_saveg.h, p_setup.h, p_tick.h:
created, stuff from doomde.h moved there
* d_main.c, d_net.c, doomdef.h:
Decided to dump mprintf, as only needed for
Watcom support which is not going to happen.
* doomdef.h:
Moved function prototypes to appropriate headers:
d_main.h, d_net.h.
Fri Aug 15 16:38:53 1997 <>
* doomstat.h:
added a few more comments, regrouped some of the
state variables.
* doomdata.h: added a few more comments.
Thu Aug 14 10:38:37 1997 <>
* g_game.c (G_DoLoadLevel):
copied the skyflatnum determination here, from
the R_InitSkyMap - once should be sufficient.
* Makefile, r_sky.h/c:
added r_sky module. The sky handling was scattered
over r_bsp, r_main, r_plane, doomstat.h...
* r_bsp.c, r_main.c, r_segs.c:
Removed RD_* calls from R_debug.m, NeXT switches.
* r_local.h:
Removed the R_debug.m NeXT specific debugging
code headers. Removed "drawbsp" flag from
here, and r_main.c, too.
* r_data.c:
Started to remove NORMALUNIX switches, using
LINUX instead. Basically, different UNIX
platforms using the same code should simply
be ANDed in the #ifdef switches.
* r_draw.c:
Removed some more, but not all WATCOMC support.
There is an unresolved problem with the fuzzy
blitting in the lowres (blocky) modes - either
the "detailshift" flag triggered lowres mode
will be removed, or the bug has to be fixed.
* r_bsp.h, r_draw.h, r_things.h, r_data.h,
r_segs.h, r_main.h, r_plane.h:
Created from r_local.h.
* Back to work.
Till March 22nd, a lot of source shuffling and addition
of new header files, separating stuff, and creating
new, smaller modules. Some Watcom/PC/DMX/NeXT etc.
related stuff got removed, but not all (yet). None of
this ended up in the Log (sorry) or the revision control
(CVS is not well suited while number of files and
respective names change a lot, especially if stuff gets
deleted and/or re-introduced).
Major change: part of the sound code got copied from the
separate Linux sndserver sources to the linuxdoom source.
Re-integration and removal of sndserver pending.
Nothing of importance happend since then (priorities).
Mon Feb 3 16:41:05 1997 < ()>
* m_misc.c:
Created m_argv, m_random and m_bbox, kept remains in m_misc
for the time being. Misc. files changed to include only
necessary modules. Moved bbox definitions from doomdata.h.
* m_menu.h:
Created from doomdef.h. Misc. changes in dependend modules.
I am not going to list every affected file from now on.
See Log entries within each file.
* dstrings.h:
Now handles multi-language support and switches.
So far, only english (default) and french are available.
* d_englsh.h:
Created from dstrings.h.
* g_game.h:
Created, from doomdef.h.
* am_map.c, st_stuff.c, wi_stuff.c:
* Makefile:
Added m_cheat, removed dutils. Doubly linked list stuff unused.
* m_cheat.h, m_cheat.c:
Created, basci cheat string scrambling and check, from dutils.h
and dutils.c.
* doomdef.h
Moved screen declaration to v_video.h.
* dutils.h, dutils.c
Remode code for f_wipe.h and f_wipe.c.
* Makefile
* d_main.c,
Added f_wipe files.
* f_wipe.h, f_wipe.c:
Created, screen wipe/melt at mission begin, from dutils.h
and dutils.c.
* d_textur.h:
Created from doomdata.h. Separates all the patch/texture
defintions. Needed for v_video module.
* r_local.h, wi_stuff.h, st_lib.h, hu_lib.h:
* i_x.c, d_main.c, m_menu.c, m_misc.c:
Added v_video.h.
* v_video.h:
Created. Using headers from doomdef.h. Forward of patch_t.
Moved bool and byte to doomtype.h.
Thu Jan 30 20:50:16 1997 < ()>
* doomtype.h:
Created, for fixed_t. Should add angle_t here, too.
* tables.c:
Added SlopeDiv from r_main.c, added all defines and typedefs
related to basic trig table use here, removed it.
Currently "tables.h" is included in doomdef.h and
r_local.h, too. This is not too cleanly separated, but
we have to start somewhere, right?
* tables.h:
Created from doomdef.h.
Note that tables.c had fixed size tables, while doomdef.h
calculated from the value of FINEANGLES. In addition,
entries were given as either "int" or "fixed_t". Bad boys.
* z_zone.c:
* s_sound.c:
* hu_stuff.c:
* st_lib.c, st_stuff.c:
* wi_stuff.c:
* w_wad.c:
* r_things.c, r_plane.c, r_draw.c, r_data.c:
* p_tick.c, p_mobj.c, p_spec.c, p_setup.c, p_lights.c,
p_plats.c, p_floor.c, p_doors.c, p_ceilng.c:
* am_map.c:
* m_misc.c, m_menu.c:
* g_game.c:
* d_main.c:
* f_finale.c:
Added #include "z_zone.h".
* z_zone.h:
Created, from stuff in doomdef.h
* CVS checkin. Reformatting run, last one.
Took a week to go through all the sources, w/o even
looking to closely.
* st_stuff.c (ST_Responder):
Removed a first tiny bit of redundancy (NO_CLIP checks).
Should remove idspispod completely, later.
Wed Jan 29 19:53:43 1997 < ()>
* Another one, while we are on it. All S (Sound) files.
* CVS checkin. Reformatting run, all R (Refresh) files.
* r_draw.c (R_DrawSpanLow):
The non-Watcom, non-asm lowres mode was just a copy
of the default mode. As detailshift was used to scale
the image down, lowres mode just filled the left half
of the buffer.
* r_draw.c (R_DrawColumnLow):
Tried the same hack for walls, horribly broken.
Tue Jan 28 19:32:48 1997 < ()>
* CVS checkin. Another reformatting run. Did all P files.
* p_spec.c: P_FindNextHighestFloor
The number of adjoining sectors is limited to 20, because
of a temporary LUT needed for determining lowest height
in adjacent sectors. No overflow checking is done.
Sun Jan 26 08:41:21 1997 < ()>
* Another CVS checkin of a formatting run.
D,F,G,HU,I,M have been changed.
* Note: in initial and current release,
linuxxdoom -3 -file plutonia.wad, idclev 12
produces a Segmentation fault.
Wed Jan 22 14:03:00 1997 < ()>
* m_menu.c:
initializer-string for array of chars is too long (skullName)
warning: unused parameter `int choice' (a couple of times)
* Attempt to compile as C++. Loads of warnings, a couple of errors.
p_enemy.c (P_Move):
r_things.c (R_ProjectSprite)
`catch', `throw', and `try' are all C++ reserved words,
thus changed "try" to "try_ok". Fixed.
p_pspr.c: In function `void P_SetPsprite(struct player_s *, ... )':
too many arguments to function
No convenient fix - state->action is declared void action(),
but called w/o, with one, or with two parameters.
There are more like this. Going to be a tough one.
Union of pointers?
r_plane.c: In function `void R_DrawPlanes()':
s_sound.c: In function `int S_AdjustSoundParams(struct mobj_s *, .. )':
p_map.c: In function `bool PIT_StompThing(struct mobj_s *)':
p_maputl.c: In function `int P_AproxDistance(int, int)':
r_main.c: In function `int R_PointToDist(int, int)':
p_enemy.c: In function `void P_NewChaseDir(struct mobj_s *)':
warning: implicit declaration of function `int abs(...)' <stdlib.h>
Wed Jan 22 12:15:00 1997 < ()>
* CVS checkin of purification run. Sources now compile
without any "-Wall" warnings.
* Note: with -file "tnt.wad", we get an "Error: Bad V_DrawPatch"
abort each time we enter an exit. Invalid or missing
intermission screen?
* Makefile (CFLAGS): added -Wall, first purification run.
d_main.c: In function `D_DoomMain':
warning: implicit declaration of function `mkdir' <fcntl.h>
i_unix.c: In function `I_StartSound':
warning: control reaches end of non-void function
i_unix.c: In function `I_InitNetwork':
warning: implicit declaration of function `inet_addr' <arpa/inet.h>
i_unix.c: At top level:
warning: `endianness' defined but not used
i_x.c: In function `I_Error':
warning: unused variable `string'
i_x.c: In function `I_GetEvent':
warning: suggest parentheses around arithmetic in operand of |
i_x.c: In function `I_FinishUpdate':
warning: unused variable `bigscreen'
i_x.c: In function `grabsharedmemory':
warning: implicit declaration of function `getuid' <unistd.h>
warning: unused variable `done'
i_x.c: In function `I_InitGraphics':
warning: suggest parentheses around assignment used as truth value
warning: char format, different type arg (arg 3)
warning: char format, different type arg (arg 5)
warning: implicit declaration of function `XShmGetEventBase'
i_x.c: In function `InitExpand2':
warning: unused variable `jexp'
warning: unused variable `iexp'
m_menu.c: In function `M_ReadSaveStrings':
warning: implicit declaration of function `read' <sys/types.h>
warning: implicit declaration of function `close' <unistd.h>
m_misc.c: In function `M_WriteFile':
warning: implicit declaration of function `write'
warning: implicit declaration of function `close'
m_misc.c: In function `M_ReadFile':
warning: implicit declaration of function `read'
m_misc.c: In function `M_ScreenShot':
warning: implicit declaration of function `access' <unistd.h>
p_pspr.c: In function `P_MovePsprites':
suggest parentheses around assignment used as truth value
p_spec.c: In function `P_SpawnSpecials':
warning: implicit declaration of function `atoi' <stdlib.h>
w_wad.c: In function `strupr':
warning: implicit declaration of function `toupper' <ctype.h>
w_wad.c: In function `W_AddFile':
warning: implicit declaration of function `read' <sys/types.h>
warning: implicit declaration of function `lseek'
warning: implicit declaration of function `close' <unistd.h>
wi_stuff.c: In function `WI_loadData':
warning: unused variable `pic'
wi_stuff.c: At top level:
warning: `background' defined but not used
Tue Jan 21 22:00:00 1997 < ()>
* doomdata.h (__BYTEBOOL__):
Use builtin ANSI C++ bool.
* d_main.c (IdentifyVersion):
Bug fix: insufficient malloc created errors in malloc/realloc
calls later on. Welcome to the risks of Copy'n'paste.
Tue Jan 21 13:20:05 1997 < ()>
* First formatting checkin.
A word of explanation: prior to making any changes to the
source, a couple of formatting runs will be made, followed
by some purification runs.
For this run, the Emacs mode selection line has been changed
to use C++ style indenting (cc-mode.el). Each file has
been automatically reformatted using Emacs indent-region.
A few files have been changed manually already (i.e.,
comments, use of tabs).
Warning: using "diff" to compare files of different states
during the reformatting will not give useful results.
* hu_stuff.c:
fixed "assignment discard const", the last remaining error
message with default compilation.
Sun Jan 19 14:27:06 1997 < ()>
* Makefile:
Minor fix for sndserver target, removed linuxsdoom target
for the time being, added CVS header (kind of).
* Initial CVS checkin.
* soundsrv/irix/linux/sun.c:
Changed includes (irix.h removed, soundsrv.h included).
* i_svga.c:
Changed to DOS 8+3.
* soundsrv.h/c:
Changed to DOS 8+3, included irix.h in soundsrv.h.
* r_local.h:
Same for PI, include math.h with Linux.
* doomdef.h:
Got rid of multiply defined warnings for Linux,
included values.h.
created a commented list of all files, removed a few
more files (sndserver test, NeXT leftovers, DMX header).
Identified the following main modules (see FILES2):
AM, HU, M, P, R, S, ST, W, WI. Some stuff is separate
(Z, F), some not clearly separable (G, D). System specific
interfaces are in I. Some of the latter replace i_main.c
(i.e. the void/int main(argc,argv) call), e.g. SVGA,
others (X11, SHM, DGA) don't. There is a certain amount
of overlap, and the largest module (with possibly most
overlap) is P - playing, i.e. all the games state and
animation handling.
Dithering is currently not used.
Sat Jan 18 15:14:41 1997 < ()>
* r_draw.c:
fixed !defined(USEASM) lines for R_DrawColumn/Span.
Removed fpfunc.o/S from Makefile, now compiling
X11 w/o any assembler.
Got a running linuxxdoom again. We are in business.
This source is going to be used for the initial CVS
check in.
* Tried a quick hack compiling it as COFF a.out instead
of ELF, with "gcc -b i486-linuxaout". Same linker
Tried removing -DUSE_ASM. Still using fpfunc.S.
* Tried linuxxdoom.
Compile run: some warnings (redefinition of MAX/MIN
SHORT/INT/LONG) in doomdef.h and (PI redefined)
Link run: crashed, undefined references in
d_main.c: undefined reference to `FixedDiv2'
am_map.c: undefined reference to `FixedMul'
r_main.c: undefined reference to `R_DrawColumn'
r_main.c: undefined reference to `R_DrawSpan'
r_plane.c: undefined reference to `FixedMul'
This stuff is defined in fpfunc.S (Fixed point) and
in r_draw.c (assembler in tmap.S not used).
However, "nm," shows that r_draw.o does not include
the drawing functions (see below - USE_ASM).
Furthermore, the global symbols in fpfunc.S begin
with an underscore, "_FixedMul" and "_FixedDiv2".
More problems within fpfunc.o: undefined references to
`_dc_yl' `_dc_yh'
`_ds_y' `_ds_x1' `_ds_x2'
`_ds_xfrac' `_ds_yfrac'
`_ds_xstep' `_ds_ystep'
Again, underscore problem.
Note: tmap.S currently obsolete, as somebody pasted all
the texture mapping assembly into fpfunc.S. Gotta clean
that up.
* Created initial release from CD sources, created ChangeLog.
Let the games begin.
DOOM source code ChangeLog file