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// Emacs style mode select -*- C++ -*-
// $Id:$
// Copyright (C) 1993-1996 by id Software, Inc.
// This source is available for distribution and/or modification
// only under the terms of the DOOM Source Code License as
// published by id Software. All rights reserved.
// The source is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
// for more details.
// Refresh/render internal state variables (global).
#ifndef __R_STATE__
#define __R_STATE__
// Need data structure definitions.
#include "d_player.h"
#include "r_data.h"
#ifdef __GNUG__
#pragma interface
// Refresh internal data structures,
// for rendering.
// needed for texture pegging
extern fixed_t* textureheight;
// needed for pre rendering (fracs)
extern fixed_t* spritewidth;
extern fixed_t* spriteoffset;
extern fixed_t* spritetopoffset;
extern lighttable_t* colormaps;
extern int viewwidth;
extern int scaledviewwidth;
extern int viewheight;
extern int firstflat;
// for global animation
extern int* flattranslation;
extern int* texturetranslation;
// Sprite....
extern int firstspritelump;
extern int lastspritelump;
extern int numspritelumps;
// Lookup tables for map data.
extern int numsprites;
extern spritedef_t* sprites;
extern int numvertexes;
extern vertex_t* vertexes;
extern int numsegs;
extern seg_t* segs;
extern int numsectors;
extern sector_t* sectors;
extern int numsubsectors;
extern subsector_t* subsectors;
extern int numnodes;
extern node_t* nodes;
extern int numlines;
extern line_t* lines;
extern int numsides;
extern side_t* sides;
// POV data.
extern fixed_t viewx;
extern fixed_t viewy;
extern fixed_t viewz;
extern angle_t viewangle;
extern player_t* viewplayer;
// ?
extern angle_t clipangle;
extern int viewangletox[FINEANGLES/2];
extern angle_t xtoviewangle[SCREENWIDTH+1];
//extern fixed_t finetangent[FINEANGLES/2];
extern fixed_t rw_distance;
extern angle_t rw_normalangle;
// angle to line origin
extern int rw_angle1;
// Segs count?
extern int sscount;
extern visplane_t* floorplane;
extern visplane_t* ceilingplane;
// $Log:$