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Render an array of block text from Sanity to markdown.

Note: Currently in beta - please leave us feedback :)


npm install --save @sanity/block-content-to-markdown


const toMarkdown = require('@sanity/block-content-to-markdown')
const client = require('@sanity/client')({
  projectId: '<your project id>',
  dataset: '<some dataset>',
  useCdn: true

const serializers = {
  types: {
    code: props => '```' + props.node.language + '\n' + props.node.code + '\n```'

client.fetch('*[_type == "article"][0]').then(article => {
  console.log(toMarkdown(article.body, {serializers}))


  • serializers - Specifies the functions used for rendering content. Merged with default serializers.
  • serializers.types - Serializers for block types, see example above
  • serializers.marks - Serializers for marks - data that annotates a text child of a block. See example usage below.
  • serializers.list - Function to use when rendering a list node
  • serializers.listItem - Function to use when rendering a list item node
  • serializers.hardBreak - Function to use when transforming newline characters to a hard break
  • imageOptions - When encountering image blocks, this defines which query parameters to apply in order to control size/crop mode etc.

In addition, in order to render images without materializing the asset documents, you should also specify:

  • projectId - The ID of your Sanity project.
  • dataset - Name of the Sanity dataset containing the document that is being rendered.


Rendering custom marks

const input = [
    _type: 'block',
    children: [
        _key: 'a1ph4',
        _type: 'span',
        marks: ['s0m3k3y'],
        text: 'Sanity'
    markDefs: [
        _key: 's0m3k3y',
        _type: 'highlight',
        color: '#E4FC5B'

const highlight = props => {
  const content = Array.isArray(props.children) ? props.children.join('') : props.children
  return `<span style="background-color: ${props.mark.color};">${content}</span>`

toMarkdown(input, {serializers: {marks: {highlight}}})

Specifying image options

toMarkdown(input, {
  imageOptions: {w: 320, h: 240, fit: 'max'},
  projectId: 'myprojectid',
  dataset: 'mydataset'


MIT-licensed. See LICENSE.