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GROQ specification

👉🏻 Published versions of the spec can be viewed here.

This is the specification for GROQ (Graph-Relational Object Queries), a query language and execution engine made at, for filtering and projecting JSON documents. The work started in 2015, and the development of this open standard started in 2019. Read the announcement blog post to understand more about the specification process and see the getting started guide to learn more about the language itself.

Go to GROQ Arcade to try out GROQ with any JSON data today!

Tools and resources for GROQ

Development of the specification

The specification is written using spec-md, a Markdown variant optimized for writing specifications. The source is located under the spec/-directory which is then converted into HTML and presented at To ensure that implementations are compatible we write test cases in the GROQ test suite.

The specification follows the versioning scheme of GROQ-X.revisionY where X (major) and Y (revision) are numbers:

  • The first version is GROQ-1.revision0.
  • Later revisions are always backwards compatible with earlier revisions in the same major version.
  • Revisions can include everything from minor clarifications to whole new functionality.
  • Major versions are used to introduce breaking changes.


The specification is made available under the Open Web Foundation Final Specification Agreement (OWFa 1.0).