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Fully customizable blog template with a React.js front-end.

This template repo is used by to easily create deployed and configured projects through a web interface. You can test it by creating this project.

The template contains both a Sanity Studio and a front-end in Gatsby. Both are deployed on Netlify.

Want to make a template for Sanity and your favourite front-end framework? We’re still maturing and our APIs, but do tell us about it on

The Sanity and Gatsby powered blog

Local development

You develop the templates in /template, and review your changes in /build.

  1. Install dependencies with npm install in the root folder. This will install the template development tool that watches changes in the /template folder and output the template to /build.

  2. Run npm run dev in root folder. This will build the template files to /build. This is how the code will look for those who install the project later.

  3. Run npm install in ./build/web and sanity install in /build/studio This will install the necessary dependencies for the Gatsby frontend and the Studio.

  4. Run npm run dev in ./build/web and sanity start in /build/studio. This will start the development servers for the Gatsby frontend and Sanity Studio.


When developing ProjectId and dataset name can be changed in template-values-development.json

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