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Front-end code for the Sanity, React, Next.js tutorial.
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Blogging with Sanity and Next.js

Read the tutorial

Get started

# Install the Sanity command line interface
> npm i -g @sanity/cli

# Initiate your own project in the studio folder
> sanity init

# Add a CORS-origin rule to allow the frontend to request data
> sanity cors add http://localhost:3000 --no-credentials

# Insert the projectId and dataset name from Sanity in client.js
> nano client.js

# Install frontend dependencies
> npm install

# Run Next.js in development mode
> npm run dev

Deploy on now

> npm i -g now
> now login
> now

Deploy as a static site on Netlify

Read the tutorial

npm run export
# exports your site as static files in /out
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