A fluent Java 8 library to access the Pivotal Tracker API, released under the LGPL by OneSpot
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Fluent Pivotaltracker java client

A fluent Java 8 library to access the Pivotal Tracker API, initially created by OneSpot](http://onespot.com/) and released under the LGPL, now maintained by Ian Clarke.

  PivotalTracker pivotalTracker = new PivotalTracker(PIVOTAL_API_TOKEN);

  List<Story> stories = pivotalTracker.projects().id(PROJECT_ID)
                .withFields(owners, accepted_at, estimate)
                .acceptedAfter(now().minus(2 * 30 * 24, HOURS))

  stories.forEach((s) -> {

The library is far from complete, the API is perhaps only 10% supported so far, however it is probably the most useful 10%. Adding support for new parts of the API is very easy (see below), and pull requests will be most welcome.

Dependency Management tools

This library is available via Gradle, Maven, SBT, Leiningen and compatible dependency management tools through the excellent JitPack:


Note that we follow the Semantic Versioning convention for version numbers.


Contributions to support more of the API are very welcome, the basic framework is fairly nice to build upon, and you should be able to get a good idea of how to extend the API with just a few minutes looking at the codebase.

Feel free to create pull requests, however it can be easy to overlook these notifications so you may also want to email me at pivotalpr [at] ian [dot] 33mail [dot] com to ensure I'm aware of it so I can review and merge promptly.