A modular game engine built using C++
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Viper Engine is an modular game engine designed with data driven and component based approach.

This project is my personal project to learn game engine programming and architecture. The project will be constantly updated while I learn game engine programming at FIEA and possibly even after I graduate.

This is just a basic skeleton of the project as of now and I am in the process of filling the individual projects with implementations regularly.

Couple of books I am currently reading while I build this engine are:

  1. Game Engine Architecture, Second Edition 2nd Edition by Jason Gregory
  2. Game Programming Patterns by Robert Nystronm
  3. Effective C++ by Scott Myers
  4. C++ for Game Programmers by Mike Dickheiser

Gamedev.net and Gamasutra are also a considerable help in figuring out various problems and solutions related to specific topics of implementation.