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1) use nio so we have one thread per core - not one thread per view
2) use one connection per db not one connection per view
* add _view_cleanup equivalent
* add _compact equivalent
* add radial searching (?q=pizza&location=51.1793;-0.1860&distance=2km ?)
* pause/resume control over indexer?
* allow c-l operations even if couchdb is down (except include_docs=true, of course)
* correctly handle database deletion, view renames, view adds, deletes, etc.
* add a /test/ endpoint to run test suite.
* make attachment call support "store":"yes|no"
* configure osxappbundle:bundle to make one-click OSX install.
* distributed search.
* LuceneDictionary/spellcheck/suggestions mode.
* _show and _list-like support for search results.
* hit highlighting (lucene contrib).
* clustering (carrot2).
* JSONQuery? (
* geospatial (need TrieRangeQuery from 2.9)