This application is useful for broadcast message for any organization.
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A typical README file will consist of the following: 
         1. Name (Project heading)    : JIT Broadcast 
         2. Remote Centre ID (RC_ID) :  1207 
         3. College / Institute Name : Jawaharlal Institute Of Technology Borawan
         4. City, State, Pin Code :  Khargone Madhya Pradesh 451228, 
         5. Name/’s of the Student : Mr.Taha Nakedar 

6. About (Short Description / Summary): This application is very useful for any perticular organization to share any important 
Information for the employee. All the information can broadcast using display in other worlds we can say that it is works as a notice board. 
7. Install (Installation procedure): 1. Install apk file on your android device by clicking on application..

 8. Usage: 1.Configure Internet to your device.
              2.Click for create your account using application.
              3.Now you can get the messages from organization. 
  9. Contact (email id or mailing list link/google-group):-
  10. License (GNU GPL version 3 with link to full lnse on site.)