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GSOC 2018 - GRASS GIS (OSGeo) - Full support of Python 3 in GRASS GIS
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GSOC 2018 - GRASS GIS - Full support of Python 3 in GRASS GIS

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There are patches in the respective directories in the grass_trunk. The patches have been created against the svn revision 73073 of GRASS GIS.

Patches Patch for
gui/patch_gui.diff GUI (wxPython)
lib-python-ctypes/patch_ctypes_changes_from_fork.diff ctypes library with latest changes from forked repo
lib-python-ctypes/patch_ctypes_old.diff ctypes library with grass ctypes (old version)
lib-python-gunittest/patch_python_gunittest.diff Gunittest library
lib-python-pydispatch/patch_pydispatch.diff Pydispatch library
lib-python-pygrass/patch_pygrass.diff Pygrass library
lib-python-script/patch_python_script.diff Script library
lib-python-temporal/patch_temporal.diff Temporal library
scripts/patch_trunk_scripts.diff all the scripts in the trunk

These patches can be applied using svn patch command from the root directory of grass.

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