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This is a collection of utilities to control Dell Inspiron and
Latitude laptops. It includes programs to turn the fan on and off,
to read fan status, CPU temperature, BIOS version and to handle the
volume buttons and Fn-keys. The package includes also a small Tk
applet, designed to be swallowed in the GNOME panel, which monitors
the CPU temperature and controls automatically the fans accordingly
to user defined thresholds. The programs require the kernel module
i8k.o which can be compiled from the package sources or found in
Linux kernel 2.4.14 and later versions.

- even if the source code of the i8k kernel module is included in
the i8kutils tarball, this SlackBuild takes care of the provided
userspace tools *only*, since the i8k module has been part of the
mainline kernel tree for a long time (>=2.4.14), and thus it should
be compiled along with the kernel itself.
Make sure the module is loaded before using i8kutils.

- i8kutils tarball includes a diagnostic utility named smm, claimed
to be dangerous by the developer (see comments at the top of smm
source file, smm.c). Compilation of smm is therefore disabled by
default; set the variable SMM=yes to enable it:

	# SMM=yes ./i8kutils.SlackBuild

Mind also that compilation of smm should fail on Slackware64,
but the SlackBuild will try anyway.
smm can damage your data and your hardware, so be careful and use
it only if you know what you're doing.