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##Liston/Cronn Lab utility scripts## These are all scripts done for the the Liston or Cronn labs that I've either written entirely ( and or contributed heavily to (

A perl program to partition barcoded fasta or fastq files.

A python script for converting an Excel template to an executable SQL table creation script. Used for the redevelopment of the wildstrawberry website and still a work in progress.

Dependency: python xlrd module

Obvious next steps:

  • support more field types
  • support more types of foreign key constraints
  • add validation to ensure that each table has a primary key
  • tighten up whether boolean fields are considered True or not. Currently entering 'False' into the spreadsheet could be interpreted as True just because it is not null
  • add tabs that have been ignored to the ignore list
  • add a check to make sure fields with a foreign key ref have the same field type as the referenced field Accepts tabular input (usually BLAST output) and adds columns for taxonomic identifiers. Taxonomomy information is derived from an NCBI Taxonomy Database.


Utility scripts written for the lab



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