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#1. Start pretraining by running this command: python -train ../tutorial-2-image-classifier/training_data/ -val ../tutorial-2-image-classifier/testing_data/ -num_class 2

#Now, a weights file with the name cv-tricks_pretrained_model.h5 should be saved. Now, in order to start fine-tuning process, run this command python -train ../tutorial-2-image-classifier/training_data/ -val ../tutorial-2-image-classifier/testing_data/ -num_class 2

#This will save the finetuned weights(cv-tricks_fine_tuned_model.h5) with 98%+ accuracy

#Now, you can use the predict script to run this trained model on a new image of a dog or cat python --image test.jpg

This prints a list which contains the probabilities for image being cat or dog.

#[ prob of cat , prob of dog]

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