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Version 1.5012001 | Fri, 09 Jul 2010
Documentation/Sample Code/Test Suite:
* Dist rebuilt for perl 5.12.x (finally)
Version 1.000.001 | Sat, 21 Nov 2009
Resolved Issues/Bug Fixes:
* Line number is now correct for embedded perl snippets parsed from msl
Documentation/Sample Code/Test Suite:
* Spell check and document evaluate(...) method
Version 1.000.000 | Fri, 20 Nov 2009
API Changes/Compatibility Information:
* The module that comes along with this package has been renamed =>
Resolved Issues/Bug Fixes:
* We no longer destroy the perl interpreter when mIRC times out the dll
Internal/Behavioral Changes:
* Use a custom PerlIO layer to redirect STDOUT/STDERR to mIRC signals
* Removed hacky workarounds for mIRC's whitespace (mis)handling. I feel
this sort of thing is best left as an exercise for end users
Documentation/Sample Code/Test Suite:
* Minor changes to perl.mrc and Readme.txt to reflect new API changes and
other stuff
* This release is huge as it...
- removes all non-core dependencies :D
- moves most of the Perl-based background stuff to quicker C-level stuff
* The PerlIO stuff is... unstable. Use with care.
Version 0.999.800 | Thu, 26 Jun 2009
Internal/Behavioral Changes:
* Catches missing Win32::API dependency and alerts user with MessageBox
Version 0.999.700 | Wed, 25 Jun 2009
API Changes/Compatibility Information:
* STDERR/STDOUT now trigger signals instead of echo
* **MUST** be in either $mircdir/lib/ or $mircdir/perl/
* Hacky mIRC pseudo-hash mess has been removed. Use mIRC->var('blah') to
retrieve the value and mIRC->set('blah') to... set it. Obviously.
* mIRC identifiers are now run like mIRC->echo('some text');
Resolved Issues/Bug Fixes:
* N/A
Internal/Behavioral Changes:
* eval'd code is now shoved into a sub for safety. Fixes a random crash bug.
* new mIRC package
Documentation/Sample Code/Test Suite:
* perl.mrc and Readme.txt updated to reflect new API changes
* I'll keep up with this project a little better than I have. I promise.
Version 0.9.600 (29 Nov 2008)
Internal changes:
- (undocumented) is now external for hacking, easy updates
- (undocumented) perl4mIRC.dll retains basic functionality (perl eval, etc.)
without Win32::API (print to mIRC window, mIRC exec, eval, etc.)
- (undocumented) Building should be a little easier
Version 0.9.501 (29 Jan 2008)
Internal changes:
- Fix magic object in eval_embed
- Fix line directives in eval_embed and eval_string
- Fix chopped evaluate and execute commands
- Makeshift fix for strange race condition in eval and exec commands that
would lead to crash
Version 0.9.500 (29 Jan 2008)
General/Interface changes:
- FIX: New message and auto-unload (rather than mysterious death) when
Win32::API is not installed.
Internal changes:
- Catches missing Win32::API requirement w/o ruining the interpreter
by running an eval_sv.
Version 0.9.008 (23 Nov 2007)
General/Interface changes:
- First public release
Internal changes:
- dropped custom XS module in favor of Win32::API with DLL calls.
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