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Rin 4

A lean, gulp-based HTML & SASS boilerplate for better front-end coding.


Getting Started

Required Components

Set Up

1) Install gulp:

Note: If you have already installed gulp, skip this section.

$ npm install -g gulp

2) Clone Rin:

$ git clone git@github.com:sanographix/rin.git test-repo
$ cd test-repo
$ npm install

3) Run gulp:

$ gulp

4) 🎉


While you are running Rin, It is watching directories under templates/, sass/, js/, images/. Put your project’s templates(ejs), scss, js, images files in it.

templates/, sass/, js/, images/ files will compile and output to build/.

┣┳ templates/
┃┣ sass/
┃┣ js/
┃┗ images/
┗┳ build/
 ┗┳ index.html
  ┣ css/
  ┣ js/
  ┗ images/


Rin supports EJS template. When you edit and save .ejs files under templates/ directory, they will output as .html to build/ directory.

Template tags


Put variables which use for every pages.


  "siteName": "Example Site",
 "siteRootUrl": "http://example.com/",
 "ogImageUrl": "http://example.com/images/og-image.jpg",
 "fbAppId": "000000000",
 "twitterSite": "@sanographix",
 "googleAnalyticsId": "UA-00000000-1"


If you want to use variables for particular single page, put variables into <% var %> at each page.


<% var
pageTitle = "Toppage";
pageDescription = "Example site";
    <title><%= pageTitle %> - <%= siteName %></title>
    <meta property="og:description" content="<%= pageDescription %>" />


    <title>Toppage - Example Site</title>
    <meta property="og:description" content="Example site" />


Rin optimizes gif, jpg, png, svg images automatically using gulp-imagemin. Each files will output to build/.


Rin supports scss.

┣ style.scss // It imports under /lib files
┗ lib
   ┣ _core.scss // Edit this files mostly
   ┣ _button.scss // Buttons
   ┣ _common.scss // Common components like `body` or `a` etc
   ┣ _grid.scss // Responsive grid system
   ┣ _normalize.scss // Normalize
   ┗ _variable.scss // Color variables


-> normalize.css


It helps you make simple grid system. Like this:


<div class="l-container">
  <div class="l-row">
    <div class="l-span4">
      Column A
    <div class="l-span4">
      Column B
    <div class="l-span4">
      Column C


<div class="l-container">
  <div class="l-row">
    <div class="l-span6">
      Column A
    <div class="l-span6">
      Column B



<a class="btn">Normal button</a>
<a class="btn btn-light">Light color button</a>
<a class="btn btn-primary">Primary button!</a>
<a class="btn btn-large">Large button!!</a>


Color variables and breakpoints of browser window width.

Media queries breakpoints

  • mq-lg
    • Large display (>1240px)
  • mq-md
    • Tablet display (<1024px)
  • mq-sm
    • Small tablet & Smartphone (<767px)
  • mq-xs
    • Smartphone (<480px)


header h1 {
    font-size: 200%;
    @media #{$mq-lg} {
        font-size: 300%;
    @media #{$mq-sm} {
        font-size: 100%;
    @media #{$mq-xs} {
        font-size: 80%;


Variables for retina devices.

  • at2x
    • All retina devices
  • at2x-tablet
    • Retina devices (larger than iPad display)
  • at2x-pc
    • Retina devices larger than PC display (1025px)
    • Use this variables when you need to load too large file size images.


header h1 {
    background: url("images/title.png");
    @media #{$at2x} {
        background: url("images/title@2x.png");


js files under js/ will output to build/js/scripts.js with concatenated and compressed.

Local Server

Rin runs local server by using BrowserSync. Its default URL is http://localhost:3000/. It reloads your browser automatically when you update a file that gulp is watching.

Deploy to gh-pages branch

Run git subtree command.

git subtree push --prefix build/ origin gh-pages


Showkaku Sano (sanographix)

Graphic designer from Kyoto.


Major components:

  • Normalize.css: Public Domain
  • html5shiv: MIT/GPL license
  • gulp: MIT license