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Simple app to expose the query plan for MySQL.



MySQL uses a simple nested loop for query execution. This nested loop plan is optimized using a set of complex rules varying from predicate reordering, constant table detection, preferential index access etc.

From the end user perspective this means that execution plans will vary with data in the tables and where the data is stored. A dev who has optimized on a 2k dataset for a table is in for big surprises when he runs it on a 200k table.


Run MySQL in embedded mode so that there is no discrepancy between the actual execution plan and the one shown by the tool. The tool mocks up the structs for data size and index information used for generating the execution plans.


We need to build MySQL from source if we do not have the embedded server library.

Steps to build embedded server

  1. Download mysql-${version} (>= 5.6)
  2. comment SAFE_MUTEX definitions in CMakeLists.txt
  3. Extract and run build --with-embedded-server, use CMake -DWITH_EMBEDDED_SERVER=true -DWITH_DEBUG=true
  4. We should see a new file libsql_embedded.a

Refer for details

Building queralyzer

  1. Set env variable QA_MYSQL_HOME or edit the makefile to define QA_MYSQL_HOME. It should point to the extracted and built MySQL server
  2. Edit makefile in plugin folder to define QA_MYSQL_TEST to mysql source/build directory
  3. Run make in the queralyzer folder

Using queralyzer

  1. Copy or download queralyzer project in /opt/ directory. (As queralyzer takes its configuration from /opt/queralyzer/my.init & plugin from /opt/queralyzer/ha_fakeengine)
  2. Use the query "set count of table =" to set the rowcount for specific table (Ex: set count of table products=1000). By default rowcount for table is 10000.
  3. Use the query "set count of index from = to set the cardinality for specific index (Ex: set count of index idx_buyprice from products=200). By default cardinality is set to rowcount of table (UNIQUE INDEX).
  4. Use the query "set range of index from = to set the range for specific index (Ex: set count of index idx_buyprice from products=200). By default range count is set to 3.
  5. In create queries, add "engine=FAKEENGINE" to create the table with our custom storage engine.
  6. Give explain command to view the execution plan.
  7. By Default database name is "sampledb_fakeengine".(create a database sampledb_fakeengine using mysqlclient)


MySQL access plan analysis tool



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