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ØMQ external for puredata

ZeroMQ is a barebone, ultra-efficient message Queue system with a flexible architecture, see:

Puredata is a visual multimedia programming environment, see:

version 0.0.3 At the moment functionality is basic, but the thing is generally usable. zeromq is a low-level, powerfull library so it is easy to shoot your- self in the foot. check out the FAQs for some advice on usage, or consult the guide for an extensive introduction to its vast architectural possibilites.

send and receive are using the FUDI protocol, which makes it great for connecting PD patches, but slightly akward for use with external nodes.

what it can do:

  • create PUSH/PULL, REQ/REPL and PUB/SUB sockets
  • connect/bind clients to socket
  • send and receive pd FUDI messages analogous to netsend/netreceive
  • some error checking to prevent the worst foot-shooting

what's planned: see the TODO file

found a bug? report it to


You need to have libzmq installed. On debian based systems: apt-get install libzmq-dev

cd into your pd sourcetrees external folder.

git clone
cd pd-zmq

builds the external zmq.pd_linux which you can then put in pd's path, either by moving it there or setting the path accordingly.

Known Bugs

  • crashes when binding to port already in use by another zmq agent
  • crashes when starting receiver on REPL socket
  • crashes when sending on REPL socket without prior REQUEST
  • crashes when sending on a BOUND socket with no peers appearently there is no queue alocated to store the message. when you connect, disconnect before bind it actually works, but i'm not sure if that qualifies as a workaround. see: Why do I see different behavior when I bind a socket versus connect a socket?


ØMQ message queue API implementation for puredata



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