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@author David Wicks
Doesn't handle messages from the trigger.
Accepts an iostream over which it sends/receives commands
This is generally the HardwareSerial (Serial) in Arduino,
though you could substitute in any other stream.
You should make sure that a serial device is operating
at the trigger's rate, which you can get like so:
Serial.begin( MP3Trigger::serialRate() )
#ifndef MP3_TRIGGER_H
#define MP3_TRIGGER_H
#include <Arduino.h>
class MP3Trigger{
void setup(Stream *serial);
void setup();
void play();
void stop();
void trigger(byte track); //1–255
void play(byte track); //0—255
void forward(); //move ahead one track
void reverse(); //move back one track
void setVolume(byte level); //0-255
void quietMode(boolean onoff, void (*function)(int)); //1 for on, 0 for off, callback function
void statusRequest();
void setLooping(bool doLoop, byte track); //turn looping on/off
void setLoopingTrack(byte track); //select the track to loop
void update(); //make sure to call this during your loop()
static long serialRate(){ return 38400; }
void handleTrackEnd();
void handleTriggerInput();
void loop();
bool mDoLoop;
byte mLoopTrack;
bool mPlaying;
Stream *s;
void (*quickModeCallback)(int);