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Box2D coordinate conversions and sandbox for easy world setup
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templates/Box2D Sandbox


suBox2D is a simple wrapper around Box2D physics for use with the Cinder framework.

Wraps Box2D version 2.3.1
Builds against Cinder glNext
Clone into your cinder/blocks/ directory to get started.


  • Sandbox for easier world and body creation
  • Smart pointers for managing the lifetime of physics bodies
  • Scale for converting between world and screen space
  • SimpleControl for easily setting up basic mouse interaction
  • ContactListener to simplify routing of physics event handling
  • Debug Renderer following Box2D convention
  • Project template for using Box2D in Cinder projects.


  • Ease Box2d world setup and entity creation
  • Simplify proper coordinate conversion
  • Simplify Box2d entity lifetime management
  • Minimize additional interfaces to learn beyond Box2d and C++11

Box2D is copyright Erin Catto. The source and license of Box2D are in src/Box2D

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