A library of useful AS3 classes.
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This was pretty much written by David Wicks, http://sansumbrella.com/. Some of the ideas (particularly iteration) were taken from Advanced Actionscript 3 with Design Patterns. You are free to use it for personal or commercial projects. I've found it useful for both.

Updates to this code library are ongoing. It is lightweight, and meant to be used in conjunction with other Flash libraries and frameworks depending on the project at hand. The classes in it exist to ease certain tasks that may be repetitive. I have written many helper classes here and there, and consolidating them in this library.

Right now, some of those tasks include:
Preloading content
DisplayObject Layouts (row, column, grid)
Simple video playback
Classes for continuous animation (I recommend the Greensock TweenLite family for time-based animations)
Color utilities
Simple data caches
Vector3D and Number utilities (Vector3D based on Dan Shiffman's)

The examples are compiled using the free mxmlc compiler available with the Flex SDK or Flex Builder downloads from Adobe. You may need to edit the path to the mxmlc in the BUILD file to get everything to compile correctly. I found the information available here ( http://www.senocular.com/flash/tutorials/as3withmxmlc/ ) to be quite helpful in getting started using the mxmlc compiler. Alternatively, you should be able to create .fla files in the project root and specify the appropriate example .as file as the Document class and publish with only minor adjustments.