Powerline for Xonsh shell
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Xontrib Powerline

Powerline for Xonsh shell.



To install this xontrib first download and install the python package:

pip3 install xontrib-powerline

And them load it on your .xonshrc

xontrib load powerline


There are two variables that can be set, PL_PROMPT for the right prompt and PL_TOOLBAR for the bottom toolbar. They contain a list of sections that can be used separated by >. The value ! means not to use that prompt.


$PL_TOOLBAR = 'who>virtualenv>branch>cwd>full_proc'
$PL_TOOLBAR = '!'  # for no toolbar

To see all available sections type pl_available_sections, and to commit changes to your prompt execute pl_build_prompt.

More Info

read more on the xontrib docs and if you want to create your own on the xontrib tutorial


This package was created by Leonardo Santagada with Cookiecutter and the laerus/cookiecutter-xontrib project template.

The font being used on the screenshot is the incredible 3270 font with injected characters from nerd fonts.