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ActiveRecord adapter for Informix
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= Rails/Informix -- ActiveRecord adapter for Informix

== Motivation

The situation that started it all [link][].

== Rails configuration

The adapter has three options: database, username and password. Only
database is mandatory. A sample database.yml file would look like this:

    adapter: informix
    database: dbname@dbserver
    username: santana
    password: secret

If no username and password are specified, the user running the web server is

== Informix configuration

* You must have a sequence for each table in the form #{tablename}_seq.


  create table customers(id serial, name varchar(40));
  create sequence customers_seq;

* BYTE/TEXT columns must allow NULLs.

== Caveats

* Prefer Informix 10 or above over Informix 9. Rails/Informix makes use of
the SKIP option for pagination, which is only available since Informix 10.
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