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C++ utilities
Santa Zhang (santa1987@gmail.com)

What is included

This is a library of C++ code that I found frequently useful. In it you will find:

  * Integer types with explicit size: `i8, i16, i32, i64...` (shorter than int*_t)
  * Inherit from `NoCopy` and you got a non-copiable class
  * Inherit from `RefCounted` and you got a class with reference counting
  * `Counter, Timer, Rand`, easy to use
  * `Enumerator` to represent a stream of data
  * A `verify()` macro to check invariants and print stack trace on failure
  * `Log::debug, Log::info...` for logging at different verbosity levels
  * String manipulation: `streq, startswith, endswith, strsplit...`
  * `Pthread_*` macros to call pthread functions and also verify their return value
  * `SpinLock, Mutex, ScopedLock, CondVar`, thread-safe `Queue`, and `ThreadPool`
  * Defer an action with `RunLater`
  * A much smaller testing framework than Google Test (with same flavor)

How to build

As simple as:

    ./waf configure

After build finished, you will have `libbase.a` in the `build` folder.

Optionally you can test it:


How to use

    #include "base/all.h"
    using namespace base;

Yup. That's it. Check the code in `test` folder for examples.