Games implemented ad stored procedures, playable in MariaDB
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Games implemented as stored procedures for MariaDB. You can play them from the command-line client. Can be ran on Percona Server or Oracle MySQL, but will require some small changes because I've used some MariaDB-specific features.

Each game is in a separate directory. See the in each directory for a quick explanation of the game and how to play.

To install all the games, just pass the install.sql file in the root directory to the mysql command-line client. For example:

mysql -uroot -p < install.sql

To install an individual game, run the install.sql file in the game directory as described above.

Each game will be installed in a different database, which contains the necessary routines and tables. The only routine that you need to remember is:

CALL help();

This will show you a help that explains how to play.